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I thought you were Kiwi mate? :P

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You can see where the look came from! :smile:



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You can see where the look came from! :smile:



it actually was. the mk1 mondeo v6 hadnt launched in nz while they were broadcasting the rounds of the ETCC (european touring car championships) but ford nz used that to their advantage.


so they subtituted the telstar v6. when radisich finished in europe, he came back to nz and done a deal to make the race the telstar v6 in the nz version of the etcc.


then ford offered him a deal, to make a limted run of the telstar v6 the radisich edtion. the blurple blue was personally chosen by paul so you wont see it on any other ford of the same year unless car has been repainted.


the radisich edtion telstar was a appearance and handling package for the telstar v6 MOMO gear knob and wheel, all leather inside, 16 inch ROH astron mag wheels (made in nz) bilstein strut package to go round pukekohe circut quicker than a regular telstar v6 and paul radisich's autograph all over the car. i remember when these were new and dealers couldnt keep them on the lots








not my car, not my pictures just borrowed.


only 200 were made in the first run almost all were painted in the blue, then ford done a later run of another 200

all of them were sold. 


how does my car fit in? when the radisich cars ran out, the eurosport cars filled the gap. mine has had lowered springs fitted before i got it, has momo wheel and gear knob as standard but not all of these got leather inside. as mine doesnt


then after the telstars ran out, the god aweful taurus/mondeo years...

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