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Fuel Pump Wiring

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Hi all.

I need some guidance on tracing the wiring to the fuel pump on a late '97 626.

Pump runs ok on an external supply but no supply at pump connector. (Fuel gauge supply is present)

Relay switches ok with ignition on and switching contacts are ok but there is no supply to the relay switched contacts.

I believe that there is an inertia switch somewhere to cut the supply to the pump but cannot find it. Anyone got a wiring diagram or can point me to it please?

Just to complete the story, it died after slowing on a closed throttle. Initial diagnosis was the pump but we have eliminated that now.

Your help will be appreciated.


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I had what sounds to be the same problem on my '97. My car would crank fine and I had spark but no fuel. I too was able to apply 12volts to the fuel pump and the car would run. I traced it back to the connector at the ignition switch inside the steering column. The connector had become slightly cocked to one side. All I did was reseat the connectors together and it's been running fine ever since. I don't have a diagram in front of me right now but you can find some diagrams on the Autozone website. Just click on repair infor, then click on repair guides.

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