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Post Up Pictures Of Your 626

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i tried doing a search, and i was wondering, are there any posts which everyone can just post up pictures of their 626, and you can have like 10 pages of pictures?

Im just sort of curious

If there isnt one, we should make one just because i enjoy looking at everybodies work and talent :biggrin:

also, i didnt know if this should be in the picture section, so just lemme know thank u

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Im new here this is m'y baby !

here's the most recent ones i have before the engine blew..

Okay, just another stroll down memory lane for me. Kept the engine looking practically spotless. 132K miles? Interior looked good. And of course white doesn't reflect the shine as well, so

Posted Images

thats sweet man, i hope u get ur car back and running, what is your paint scheme idea for ur car?

do u think it would be a good idea to start up a Post your pic thing? Where did u get those reverse gauges??

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Here's mine:


Now has rims, but i have really poor quality pics.....this is the best shot could find of her.

(God those hubcaps are ugly!) :ohmy: This pic is before it got detailed...it no longer has a yellowish tint!

I will have new pics posted in the photo section hopefully next week sometime! :biggrin:

All of you guys have beautiful cars!

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Hey pimpin..where in ATL are ya man? I've got a 95 same exact color and that looks a lot like my neighborhood lol.

I sent you a PM. :P Mine is a 95 too. Depending on where you live, I might have actually seen your car before. Silver isn't a common color on these. I've only seen 2 other silver ones in my area in the past 4 years. There's also about 4 other 6s in my neighborhood, plus 1 at school. Unfortunately, none are enthusiasts.

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Yeahhhhh Philip???

I'm gonna have to go ahead and-ahhh... yeah, ask u to edit your own post. Go ahead and take the time, like we all have, to post individual pics. Yeahhh... That'd be grrreat... yeah.

Yeah... and-ahhh did u get the memo on those TPS reports? Grrreat...

~ The Management

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