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Frustrated Still

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1988 626 2.2 4dr auto non turbo.

GF had an accident and took out the front ignition relay and heater fan

relay.I replaced them with 30 amp generic wired as follows Relays are

pre wired with socket.Relay wires are colored as follows Blue (30)

Green (86)

Brown (85)

Yellow (87)

Red (87B)

The igntion is wired to the relay "Car wire Color first" Black to Red


Black & Red to Yellow (86)

black & Red to Green (87)

Black & White to Brown (85)

Yellow to Blue (30)

The radiator fan still only work

s if the sensor is disconnected and the key is on?

Is this wired correctly?

The Inside heater fan relay is connected as follows (car wires first)

Black to Green (86)

Blue to Blue (30)

Blue & Red to Yellow (87)

Yellow to Brown (85)

Is this wired correctly,inside fan doesn't work yet. Also near the

firewall coming out of the driver side fender is a 4 prong connector

that has wires colored





It is not connected to anything but the body shop use the hot to jump

the radiator fan to go on ALL the time when the ignition was on because

they didn't replace the destroyed relays.What is this for?Does it have

anything to do with the problems, no radiator fan no heater fan, and


car starts in Neutral or drive?

I have a new head and valves $1500,New timing belt and water pump

$530,New tires $240,new exhaust $275,and don't want to junk it.The

dealers don't want to work on itand the car really drives well.Also

prior to the accident she was getting 30-32 MPG now it's down to

20-23(is it ruunning in closed loop?even though the CEL insn't on?)

Sorry for the many questions and long post,but I've been fighting this

for a year.

Bikey 71 said that generic relays can't be used but I couldn't get him

to tell me why?What was the difference between the generic and Mazda

relay.Everyone else says a relay is a relay? I'm confused.



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