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Q: Are there Altezzas for a 626?

A: NO! There are no altezzas for any year 626, there are clear corners on Ebay

Q: Will ______ kit fit my car?

A: Any kit will fit any car if you have the money

Q: How big is the biggest rim for the 626?

A: 19x8.5 with a lift.. 18x8.5 with fender lip shaved.... 18x8 with no mods

Q: How do you paint an interior?

A: Get a good primer, paint, and clear coat, and a LOT of time.

Q: Does this spoiler look good?

A: Depends, is it metal? NO is it huge and ugly? NO is it OEM or slightly larger? YES

Q: What can I do for cheap?

A: Rims (depending on where you get them) Clear corners, tint, interior, drop (see links)

Q: Do they make projectors for the 626?

A: Yes, for the 93-97 model only

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