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I don't think it would have the same engine mounts, as the b2200, mainly because the b2200 is rear wheel drive and the f2T is front wheel drive. Now I think the blocks are the same so you could transfer the mounting brackets from the f2t to the b2200 to make the b2200 block fit in the 626, seeing as they should be the same block.

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the blocks are the same. you can put an F2T into a B2200, but the intake manifold must be turned around 180degrees, and you will have to go with either a distributorless ignition, or cut a hole in the firewall to make the ditributor fit. also, you will need a thermostat housing off of a 4cyl precidia to get the coolant hose to fit in and route from the back of the engine to the rad. you will also need to use the flywheel and a clutch/pressure plate for either the truck, or a NA mx6/626/probe since the input shaft on the b2200 tranny is a 22 spline, not 23 spline like the GT.

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As for why they do that, its simple, the miata's transmission has better gear ratio's since it was installed into a sports car, plus it could probably shift at higher rpms rather than the trucks transmission which is usually geared for low end torque but basically nothing else.

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