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Who Has An 88 626?

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I'm in Montvale NJ (Bergen County last exit on GSP)

I have been trying for a year to fix the 3 connectors on my GF's car (damaged from front end colision).Dealer has been unable to help identify the 2 relays and 3'd connector (not sure if it needs a relay,for radiator fan)

One fellow has helped from another forum with what wire goes to what connector on the ignition relay so I bought a generic 30amp.But I;m still stuck with identifying the one connector

Black with red stripe

Black with white stripe



If I could see another 88 626 It would help immensley.I would be more than willing to travel to see it and finally get this car back to stock condition.Right now the gas MPG has gone from 30-32 to 20mpg.I think because of the ignition relay (making it run in closed loop?)

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