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If you do maybe you can tell me what the third set of wires are and whether they are hooked to a relay (I think they are)

The colors of the ones we can't find on the diagram are:

Black with yellow stripe


Black with red stripe

Black with red dots

These 4 wires are in a connector in front of the battery?

If you or your dad knw what these wires are for and can tell me which wire goes to which connector in the relay?

My other problem is the relays.Heres what baby huey from another forum has helped with

The first set of wires matches the IGN relay which is the power source for the fans. Yellow wire to #30, Black wire to 87a, Black with Red stripe to 87 ( Make sure that of the two Black/Red wires, the one you connect to 87 should have 12 volts at all times, even with key off. Wire gauge or diameter may be larger as well. The other Black/Red is a start signal from the starter circuit and should get 12 volts only with cranking.) That other Black with Red stripe wire goes to #86. Black with White stripe to #85

The second set matches the Blower Motor relay ( this is for the interior heater blower). Blue wire to #30. Blue with Red stripe to #87. Black wire to #86. Yellow wire to #85. #87a is unused. The last set of wires is a bit of a mystery. I have as of yet found no relay or even a connector to something else that has that series of wires to it. The only other relay that the diagrams show in that area is the front fog light relay and the wire to it are Black, Black/Yellow, Red/White, and Black/Blue. There is a Red w/ Green stripe wire that is a part of the Inhibitor switch but only sends power to the back up lights when trans is put in reverse.

We should try to look into the inhibitor switch problem as well. Not only that it is not safe to be able to start the car in gear but also that if it has been jury rigged and shorting to another wire it could be the cause of the starter staying engaged. It is right up there in the same area as those relays so who knows what was done by the body shop to bypass this.

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shit, if you told me this yesterday then I could have been able to check that for you, I just scrapped a 1990 mazda mx6 today. Shit. I don't have the book for this car, but let me check it out in a few places and I'll let you know.

And as for the car being able to start while in gear, I would check to see if anyone has played with the neutral safety switch in the car.

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I am totally useless when it comes to electrics (and alot of othr things,just ask my ex wives a now girl friend) but I think the starting in neutral and gear has to do with the ignition relay not being in the system.I think it works with the inhibitor switch.I also believe that relay has to do with the starter engaging while the car is running and the ignition is NOT in the start position.Although disconnecting and reconnecting the atmospheric sensor disengages the starter?

Just have to find out what that one four wire connector does and which wire to hook to which.As soon as the weather clears and the surgery inscission heals I'll be able to put it back together corectly.The whole thing started with my GF smacking up the front of the car and destroying the relays and the radiator fan connector and the body guy jury rigging the thing instead of replacing the relays and connectors.

Ps: gas milage has dropped from 30-32 to 20 so I figure it's in closed loop operation (ignition relay?) although theres no check engine light. (new platinum plugs cap rotor and wires didn't help at all)

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