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Horn & Tach Wires Under Dash?

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I'm installing a remote starter in my '93 V6 626.

Does anyone know where I can find the Horn and the Tach wires under the dash?

Also, I found the door lock relay on the passenger side of the car... does anyone know where the wires for this end up on the drivers side?


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If you look at the kick panel on the passengers side you'll see that it's got two small plastic "plugs". Pull them out and the panel should come right out. The end is underneath a plastic part beside the seat, but you can pull that up a bit to get the panel out.

The door lock relay is right there.

Next time I go under the dash I'll get some shots.

BTW, I took a listen and the chime is definately NOT from that relay. I think it's in the wire junction box behind the drivers kick panel. This is also easy to remove... but I can't see how you'd actually get to the chime.

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Thanx for the heads up. Don't worry about the door lock relay if the chime isnt from there. If you do find the chime, let me know where it is and what it looks like. I really want to get mine working again...



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Hey Simon-

You are gonna love me if this download works.. I am downloading a copy of Mitchell's OnDemand Software which features insanely detailed electrical diagrams, and i'm sure the repair manual end of it is good too. When I get it working, I can send you an electrical diagram that will tell you the exact color of the horn wires... (In PDF format)


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