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T/s/d Night Rally Sat 9/24 Starting In Mount Kisco

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Westchester Sports Car Club is have a Time/Speed/Distance night rally on Sat 9/24. Starts at the Applebee's in Mount Kisco NY (thats 15 min north of the NYC/Yonkers border right off the Saw Mill River Pkwy). They're typically 2 to 4 hours long and about 75 to 100 miles. They all on registered streets so any legal street car is fine, as long as you dont have lighting higher than your headlights (per NYS law).

You need two people per car (driver and navigator) and CAN have more than two but there are serious points penaltys for extra people. You will need something to write on on a lap (like a clipboard), pen(s), and a FULL tank of gas before the rally starts (looking for a gas station when you have no idea where you are and are given points for every second late SUCKS). Also recommened are full stomachs and empty bladders, some kind of night lighting for the navigator's lap that wont shine in the windows and blind the driver (you will be on pitch black backroads), and a calculator if you're serious about coming in on time and going for a trophy. Trophys to top 10% of scorers as well as Ladies and Husband/Wife classes.

$20 per car. Registration opens at 5pm and car numbers are given out in registration order (first come first served with low car numbers). Cars start leaving in 1 minute intervals by car number at 7pm.

Flier for event:


Here is a good description of what exactly a WSCC typical T/S/D rally is:


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