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Final Meet :(

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so if the meet is on the 27 of november at around 8 then i can come i just need the adress or good directions

These were the directions i followed when i went to the previous meet. Once i get more updates i will update you guys if you guys are still interested.

24202 61st Ave, Douglaston, NY 11362-1996

4: Merge onto LONG ISLAND EXPY/I-495 E via the ramp on the LEFT toward EASTERN L I


6: Stay straight to go onto HORACE HARDING EXPY S.



9: Turn RIGHT onto 61ST AVE.

10: End at 24202 61ST AVE DOUGLASTON NY Map

if you are following that direction you will see a burger king on your right hand side just turn right into that parking lot and go straight towards the movie theather which is located on the top level or once you turn in just wait by the burger king and we can go on from there.

well pure i would go, but i miscounted the days and im actually not getting it back until dec 1st. So it looks like ill have to wait until next year to hit up a meet. Take lots of pics though!!!

bro if u cant come with ur ride atleast piggyback with someone and come its better then nothing ...and there is another meet in queens not all the people who are going to this meet will be able to go to the meet on the dec 3. but that meet is also in queens so get ur a$$ to either one :smile:

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snuck on from work thought i would post up and let anyone who was interested i doubt it but eh worth a shot :huh: ....there is a meet tonight 12/03/04 with a couple of mp5 mx6 along with s 10's so far from what i rmr we have 10 cars going for sure other might also come ...so if anyone is interested in coming we are meeting toghter @ exit # 48 on the on the Long island expressway at the gas station there @ then cruising down to the orginal location ...the original location where the meet is in the walbauns parking lot of Waldbaums parking lot in Melville on RT 110 ..so if anyone is intersted post up i will try and sneak on later on just to check if anyone is interested.... and btw the previous meet was fun just a tad bit cold but well worth it and even the cruise was fun even though it wasnt a "cruise" more lilke a highway race between the cars who came lol i will post some pics when i am done taking some pics from the meet tonight

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