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I have a 95 Mazda 626 and need to know how to make a double din radio fit and what all I need to get it to fit...the people on sonicelectronix said it would not fit but i know there is a way...plez help

Double din might fit...the little pocket below the radio just pops out. However I can't be certain that there's enough clearance, particularly depth, to fit every double din.

Your best bet it's too just use the metal cage it comes with and bend the little fingers out until the cage is snug. Then slide the unit in.

To all the other posters over the years, thanks for your contributions as well. It's nice to see a thread I started 10 years ago has helped so many folks out.


My double din fit in my 94 just had to cut and smooth out the little bar after removing the "pocket"

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Good call on the little bar...not sure if my mx6 had that, or if every year 626 did. The center console layout did change slightly over the years.

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A.......+12 Volt Ignition Wire

B.......+12 Volt Constant

C.......Postive Dimmer

D.......not used

E.......Power Antenna Turn On


G.......not used

H.......Remote Amp Turn On

I.......Left Front Speaker (+)

J.......Right Front Speaker (+)

K.......Left Front Speaker (-)

L.......Right Front Speaker (-)

M.......Left Rear Speaker (+)

N.......not used

O.......Leaft Rear Speaker (-)

P.......not used

Q.......Right Rear Speaker (+)

R.......Right Rear Speaker (-)

S.......not used

T.......not used

This is what I got for the stock Bose sound system in my car. Hopefully someone else can use this information...


This is from a 1999 Mazda 626 ES. I don't quite know which other years/models would be compatible. If you do know, PM me and I will edit as necessary.

On my 2000 Mazda 626 ES-V6, C is illumination while F is positive dimmer. Tested on the car these two days.

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Well after reading all this for few days, I found out that the 2 wires( whatever color they may be in tour car) that go for lights and illumination if they are spliced into whatever else that instead of blowin a fuse the dimmer switch shorted out. I found one at a salvage yard for few $ and everything works. Do Not cut wires! Just buy a harness, but if like me you are not patient then do not let wires touch at all and the wires that are left over cap them dudes off. If the switch fix didnt work then try the multiplex module, its white and behind the fuse area under the dash, thats is if you know all your bulbs work and the fuse is good

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I wanted to add MY INFO for my 1999 Mazda 626 LX , it had a single din but I replaced the radio with one I got from a 2002 Ford Explorer it is a double din and I took the storage and radio bracket out and bought harness from Vol Audio from Ebay and since I live in Tn they were close. I have the picture's from the org. radio that was in the car and was stock when I bought the car new. The SCOSCHE HARNESS I bought is MA02B and plugged right in and is color coded for the new radio std. of color's which made the install very easy.I also have the pictures I'll post, The double din radio fits right in but you will have to make a mount for the back of the radio to sit in ( it's a rubber plug ) you will lose the storage under stock radio, since it was a single din. I don't have picture's of the new install but I'll come back at later time and post. These picture's are of the stock

 The first pic is the model number of the stock radio, second is the plug, thrid is the stock harness in the car, last photo is the wire dia. for the Scosche plug

 I hope this will help anyone that is replacing there radio. I replaced mine because the cd player would not read disc and the radio I used gas a cassette and disc player and has the plugs for an amp. I never converted my cassette's to disc yet so this worked great for me and I was able to get the harness and connet without cutting any wires or plugs...    

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This is the radio I installed and is working

  I wanted to add this is the radio from the 2002 Ford Explorer and the the Scosche harness is FD16B  which I connected to the Scosche harness MA02B and was able to just plud in to the stock plugs , the only problem I had was getting the radio to dim at night , There is 3 different orange wire's and I have tried 2 of them but still doesn't dim but That's ok for now. The power antenna works when you turn the Radio on-off so it doesn't work with the key like the stock radio ( radio model is above this post ). The stock radio had an extra plug on the back which I assume is for an amp? I had bought these plugs off ebay and they cost me$10.00 dollar's for both. I know this is an older Thread but hope t will help others...

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