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Appearance Modification F.a.q.

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For bodykits, check out ;

Erebuni Corporation




Auto Moderna

For Struts, Indiglos and other cool stuff check out

Thompson Motorsports in Canada

Speedhut Indiglos

Leatherseatcovers? check out


Rims good wheel and tire packages


626 Central


Grill Wiring


626 body kits


Brakes? check out


Planet Performance

Headlight bulbs

Sylvania Silverstar headlights can be found here: Sylvania

These bulbs are brighter than your standard halogens. There is a store locator on the site also.

HID kits


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New 4 piece universal fender flares for sale.

I just listed it on ebay so if your intersted check it out. Item number: 250192375039

* 100% brand new- never been painted and installed.

* Professional installation is recommended.

* Message me if you have any questions.

Fender flares are designed for people that want to make their car look wider.

Fender flares attach on top of the front wheel fender & rear wheel panel.

All the fender flares require a professional body shop for installation. Fender flares require cutting, molding & fiber glass work.

Fender flares are brand new , never used and ready to ship or picked up.

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