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Found 19 results

  1. I have a 93 MX3 GS that has been swapped with the 2.5L KLDE. The car was running until the clutch went out. It sat for 3 years before I acquired the car and replaced the clutch, alternator and battery. I drove it a few times before changing the plugs and wires, and I've gotten a crank/no start since. I've checked and double checked the wiring 100 times. The plugs were gapped correctly. The timing is good. The fuel pump is coming on and I'm getting fuel to the rail. I'm getting spark. I've replaced the distributor, ignition coil, ignition module, ECU, and ignition switch. Nothing. I notic
  2. prantl

    Wiring Diagrams

    Car is a 2001 626 DITD, LHD, 4-door sedan. The headlamps, low and high on both sides stopped working a couple of days ago. Tail lights and front position lights (W5W bulbs in high-beam reflector) work fine with headlamp stalk switch in Park, and On positions. I found and checked fuses under the hood, a huge 40A next to the battery positive terminal, and two mini 15A near the left strut tower. Checked bulbs (continuity test OK, and jumpering red wire to positive battery terminal lights them up), and bulb grounds. The most frustrating thing is that there's no main/central fuse a
  3. HELP HELP klze p5 build guy in need. Hi all!! My setup will be a lil diff. I have the curved neck kl31 101 1a1, running a pnpms2 with aemsmartcoil w/ quadspark , probe trans lightened flywheel, actdualstage clutch more will come lator but any wiring pics and info any of you have will be greatly appreciated. the pnpms2 ecu changes a few things but I want to run my 93 probe wiring harness on klze p5 the basic way to get it running Then add quadspark and othe stuff lator to stop confusion and I'm not referring to the cluster. I need to know what p5 wires stay and what gets deleted same on the
  4. Lots of you may like it or you may not? Lol, i have had several proteges, 323, 626`s and 1 mx6, ive worked on all of them several atx to mtx swaps, to say the least i know my mazdas from a geographical stand point of the cars, i started noticing working in the automotive mechanics field, that they are all very similiar in engineering design, this got my imagination flowing of possibilities, there are many dead end forum post for escorts and proteges, on 5lug and brake conversions, 626, mx6, and probe, do not run into these deadends as commonly, so here is the story. I reluctantly bought a
  5. Hi folks i have recently acquired a 2002 Mazda 626 GSI 2.0L but sadly the indicators and hazards aren't working, not on the dash board, front, back nor either side light. I have read as many posts as I can find on the topic but not one that seems to help me, I have tried replacing both 'hazard' fuses and checked the 'tail fuses. before I bought the car the friend I bought it off said it has had a towe bar removed but the wires to the trailer plug were simply cut off above the plug. Could this be something to do with it? A few similar posts said that it could be th
  6. I'm going to go back through it, but we bought a 2000 Mazda 626 LX that already had a Pioneer stereo in it. But the stereo had some issues, including the display did not work, and the rear speakers did not work. So we decided to replace it with another Pioneer stereo. When we pulled it out, it was apparent that who ever installed the first one, used a adapter kit. So when it came to wiring, we just cut one wire at a time, and soldered it to the new system, making sure to match wires from old to new. But with the new system, the rear speakers still don't work. There is obviously a fault in the
  7. I cant figure out what is going on w/my husbands car. It has had 3 new starter solenoids put in and three taken out. Working on the fourth now. I need some ideas on what could be causing the starters to burn out. I have replace a slew of parts already and dont want to dump more then a grand on repairing this car. Here is a list of everything I have replace: -Starter/solenoid x3 -battery -battery cables -fuses -spark plugs -spark plug wires -clutch sensor switch I read on another thread that a bad flywheel could potentially cause this but how would l test that theory? I can post a vide
  8. I have a 1999 Mazda 626 LX. I have it because it only has 80K miles on it and is in great shape (little old lady to church thing). Recently a blown tire ripped up the wiring harness. I was able to replace and fix damaged wires by pulling out a harness from the junkyard. Turned out great and runs good. Having said that, now the P1744 code is on and the shifting is a little off. Everything I have seen suggests it is a wiring problem which seems more than coincidental. I have no idea which of the huge amount of wires it is or where to look and check. Does anyone have and thoughts
  9. I recently tried to replace the fuse to my airconditioner in my 626 and the fuse blew as soon as I put it in! I read up that there may be a break somewhere along the way in that particular wiring and fixing that will fix the blowing fuse problem. However, could it possibly be the connection at either of the ends that the wire routes to? Maybe the AC is constantly "on". I'm not sure exactly where to go from here...how do I go about this problem? Anyone experience a similar problem? Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, new member here. I've got a 91' mazda 626 and the issue is with the Power/Eco toggle switch and cluster light. The power light glows and enables, but the eco light does not illuminate and not sure if its enabling either. If anybody has insight on this issue, please feel free to comment with solutions, it will be highly appreciated! Thanks guys
  11. Can anyone help? I have been looking for a wiring diagram for my Mazda 626 2l se (year1999). The Haynes manual and every wiring diagram I have found on line, does not match the colour wires from the light/indicator stalk on my car.
  12. Kellbell1207


    I have a 1999 and yesterday, had the key turned to accessory, with the radio on, nothing else, started to smell burning wires, saw some smoke and radio cut out. Turned off car and took out key before popping hood. With key out, still had some dash lights on as well as left blinker. Once I opened the hood and saw there was no fire, I opened fuse box and saw the BTN fuse blow. Tried to just replace the fuse, but it blew immeadiately. I now have no tail lights, brake lights, blinkers, dome light, radio, door locks, or license plate lights. I just need to know where exactly this cluster of wires a
  13. I recenly bought a 2000 626 ES. Everything seems to work just fine, except the rear deck speakers. The front door speakers are working, but when I turn the fade to the back it just goes silent. The fuses in the drivers side kick panel seem ok. When I look in the trunk I don't really know what to make of it. There's 2 wires not connected to anything -- a black with white stripe and a solid black one. Here are some photos. Any help or input would be much appreciated, thanks.
  14. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have an air horn I have been meaning to hook up for a while but I cant find the factory horn. Anybody have pictures? Even if someone knows where the wires for the horn are would be awesome :)
  15. So I'm new to the site but not new to cars. I recently acquired a 1989 Mazda 626. It's a bit of a basket case. Traded a junk f150 for it. Rums like crap. Here's my list of issues. Idles rough- already cleaned iac, seafoamed car, and ran injector cleaner. Replaced tps. Also advanced timing a little bit. Cleaned tb, too, with starter fluid. New plugs and wires. Only idles rough in gear. Misses a little bit. Thoughts? Car doesn't have any high end power and stops revving when it feels like it. Today the rev limit is 3500. Yesterday it was 4500, before I messed with anything. Car also shifts r
  16. I think there is a consistent problem with wiring in my car, an '01 626 I4 LX. My rear speakers seem to be in fine condition, but they only work at random and for short intervals (thus I suspect a loose or frayed wire). My cruise control gave out 6 months ago after demonstrating similar intermittent operation like the speakers, two days ago my trunk release stopped working at the same time my battery died, and today I heard a bizarre, loud crackling sound when I turned off the car. The sound seemed to come from directly behind me, either in the roof or from the rear driver side speaker. Wher
  17. HELP!!! My visors wouldn't stay up, so I bought new ones. Pulled too hard when taking driver side off (forgot wire for vanity mirror) and it sparked. Now radio/clock don't work at all, door locks won't work w/o key in ignition and battery seems to be draining (getting increasingly difficult to start and have new battery). All items seem to reset each time I start the car--goes to defrost and trip meter resets. Air conditioner works still. Have checked all fuses and someone checked the relays in the engine fuse box--all okay. Local mechanic doesn't inspire confidence--just says that th
  18. My '81 626 auto is nearly ready for a roadworthy but I have a problem. When I select the reverse gear and my foot is on the brake pedal the "stop light" warning light on the dash comes on and sort of flickers. Doesn't seem to do it in any other gear. All of my headlights, tail lights, indicator and reverse lights work... I'm not real good with electrics but I want to fix it myself as I have done everything else so far, so where should I start looking? Thanks.
  19. got a 93 mazda 626 dx but the motor blew.. im having a "mechanic" replace the motor.. well all he found was a toyota celica gt motor (5S-FE) so he has it all installed and it will start if he hooks the distributor to the batter ( idk how he did it just repeating what i was told) we need to find out how to wire up the distributor and alternator.. any help would be great
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