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Found 3 results

  1. ARE YOU one of those folks that would like to do it yourself maintenance on your 626 and/or just wanting to get into cars but YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO USE? Well hold on to your Nuts ......... and bolts. I got just the list of things for how to prepare yourself whenever you're doing any work on your car at home. Lets start with the basic tool sets! I included the pic links to some of these, I wanted to include my 3/8" and 1/4" socket set pics but they were just too disorganized with extra pieces of sockets all over the place to be posted here. Basic Tools: -Mazda 626 service repair manual online, solid copy, or Haynes repair book (you'll need it to know what your doing and the specs for your specific 626). -Tool Box (17" may be recommended, the bigger the better if you have space to put it).http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1268.jpg -Flat Head screwdrivers of different widths & length -Philips screwdrivers of different points & length -Pocket screwdriver -Pliers (needle nose, channel locks, & cutters) -3/8" Drive Metric Ratchet Socket set (SAE optional) -1/4" Drive Metric Ratchet Socket set -1/4" Drive Metric Deep Socket set -5/8 Spark plug Socket (deep socket with rubber inert) http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1250.jpg -10" Long extension (for reaching into spark plug hole and other things) http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1264.jpg -Metric Combination Wrench set 7mm-17mm (ranges of sizes may vary) http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1262.jpg -1/2" Drive Breaker/cheater bar http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1238.jpg -1/2-3/8, 3/8-1/2" Drive Adapters http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1267.jpg -Tire pressure gauge -Drain Pan (Holds at least 4 qt for oil changes & maybe 7-8 qt for ATF or Antifreeze changes, not all of the ATF will be able to drain from tranny). -Oil filter Wrench (varies in sizes, check fit first) http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1277.jpg -Funnel -Two 2-ton Jackstands + wheel blockers http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1274.jpg -Anti-seize grease -Thor's Hammer! -Multi-meter (very cheap) http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1241.jpg -OBD II Scanner (if you ever get a check engine light on, it would be convenient to have one with you especially in the trunk). -Jumper Box with air pump (very convenient for jumpstarting weak/dead batteries or add air to tires) http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1272.jpg -Magnet stick ( A MUST NEED for retrieving bolts, screws, sockets, & tools dropped in the engine bay where its impossible to reach with your butter fingers). -LED flashlight -Most important of all, WEAR SAFETY GLASS!! http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1273.jpg If you want to get a little deeper into your Mazda, then here are some of the more slightly Advanced Tools that I recommend you get, especially when your doing brake job. More Advanced Tools: -1/2" ft-lb Torque wrench http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1275.jpg -3/8" inch-lb Torque wrench -1/2" Impact wrench ( I owned an electric cordless impact wrench producing 200 ft-lb of torque, more than enough to get lug nuts off). http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1269.jpg -Air Compressor that power tools (if you own any air powered tools, I don't and large air compressors can be quite expensive) -Blow gun (Air powered tool) http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1270.jpg -1/2" Drive Deep Impact Sockets http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1254.jpg -Oxygen Sensor Socket http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1244.jpg -RTV gasket maker -Needle Nose long locking pliers (helps getting stripped bolts/nuts/screws loose) http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1237.jpg -Drum Brake Tool (if you own drum brakes) http://s1270.photobu...nt=download.jpg -C-clamp (good for pushing caliper pistons in when servicing) http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1235.jpg -Metric Hex bit set http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1261.jpg -Brake Caliper Grease -Very thin T-pins (to diagnose by backprobing connectors) -Pair of small Alligator clip jumper Wire -Pair of Wire stripper http://s1270.photobu...nt=DSCN1243.jpg *There's more to list but this is all I can come up with in my head for now* Optional: -Vacuum gauge or Vacuum pump -Coolant/Radiator pressure tester -Spark plug wire tester -Engine Compression Tester -Four Jackstands -Can of Brake clean -Mechanic gloves or disposable Nitrile gloves -Shop paper towels (good at absorbing oil, it takes a lot longer to use up a roll than regular home paper towels). I had fun making this list of things and surely these are most of the tools that I've used as an Auto student and at Home.
  2. another video i made today when i changed out my rpm gauge i hope it helps! enjoy! -Daniel
  3. ok so heres the video! hope its helpful, enjoy everyone! let me know what you guys think! -Daniel