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Found 6 results

  1. So we got our 1996 V6 626 two years ago, and I may end up inheriting it (and its issues) in a while. So, there are two main issues I have with it currently, and they might be tied together. The first, and arguably most severe problem is that the trunk refuses to lock, both via the central locking system, and via the rear lock. The second issue is that the rear wiper is acting possessed. Occasionally it'll start up and wipe away to its hearts content (completely at random and unaffected by the controls), and occasionally it'll stop. When it doesn't start up randomly, it usually follows whatever setting the controls are on. I'm thinking that this is an electrical issue.
  2. hey, i was wondering how to find out which key fobs will work for my car. i got it used and the guy didnt have the remote for it, so i dont have the remote to find out the FCC ID# and also would the 95's remote have had a trunk pop button? because im seeing some 3 button fobs for my year that (along with the lock/unlock) have only the alarm button, only the trunk button, and even one that has all 4. which one is the right one? im mostly just looking on amazon and ebay
  3. Hello, I've been lurking for a little over a month now, since about the time i bought my 626. I got a 2000 626 ES with about 87K miles. I love this car, its such an upgrade from the 96 sentra i bought for 600 right after high school. This car runs great and was well taken care of by the previous owner. Theres of course some interesting quirks, like getting hit in the face with bits of foam (found out where that was coming from already). So farI have a couple questions, and have searched the forums before registering to ask them. What O2 sensor would you recommend for the one that plugs into the exhaust manifold on the front of the engine? I have a CEL on and have replaced the sensor with a Bosch brand one from rock auto. It shows some voltage but never gets above about a .2, then once the cars warmed up doesn't do anything. I thought maybe a bad connector and messed with it to make sure theres good connection. Maybe a different brand would be recommended. Luckily its easy to reach. Is there a way to increase the lifting power of the trunk? When i click the remote open, often times the trunk clicks but doesn't have the strength to lift at all, so the solenoid just closes and locks it again, big pain with full hands. With the v6, would you recommend i use premium fuel? The 93 octane is about $0.50 more per gallon, and i want to know if you've encountered a significant increase in fuel economy. I currently get on average 24mpg, and thats mixed highway and city driving on my commute in the Chicago suburbs. Id imagine with a working o2 sensor that might increase a little, but i have my doubts how much better my engine performance would be with premium fuel. Also, using the regular 87 octane, i haven't had any engine knocking. Also, have any of you had problems with leaking mirror fluid? I know mirror fluid sounds like a joke, but i have an auto dimming mirror that the specialized fluid leaked out partially and i found online that lots of bad things can happen, like having holes eaten through the dash. I have the mirror that has temp and cardinal direction, and had to take it out and replace it temporarily with an el cheapo mirror from Walmart until i figure out what to do to get my nice one fixed.
  4. I think there is a consistent problem with wiring in my car, an '01 626 I4 LX. My rear speakers seem to be in fine condition, but they only work at random and for short intervals (thus I suspect a loose or frayed wire). My cruise control gave out 6 months ago after demonstrating similar intermittent operation like the speakers, two days ago my trunk release stopped working at the same time my battery died, and today I heard a bizarre, loud crackling sound when I turned off the car. The sound seemed to come from directly behind me, either in the roof or from the rear driver side speaker. Where does most of the wiring on this car go? Is it run through the roof by any chance? By way of diagnosing it, I should note that I had extensive rust damage to my resonator and a good bit of rust on my rear struts, so is it possible that some of the wires may be affected by some kind of rust damage in addition to age?
  5. about a year ago i bought a 1994 mazda 626 with a 2.5L v6 manule. and i have to say that it is the best car iv ever owned (granted its only my 2nd car, LOL). i only paid $700 for it, and it was a STEAL!! ive yet to have a single problem with it. the clutch is good, the engines strong, and i found it really easy to use as i was learning to drive a stick. i love autobody; ive done 2 years of school for it and i used this as my first full car mod. (not including the engine yet) i just wanted to get the opinion of some of the 626 community. i know some won't like it, but i guess the point is to just get it to where i like it. the front end was primer grey when i bought it. this was the car exactly as i got it. built my own paint booth with my uncle and dad finished body paint product. i put the side mirrors on later. went with my favorite colors, black and green. this piece was a bit&h to get out and paint. dash was an ugly tan/brown color fully did the front and back seats with custom made cover pieces i cut down the tray cover so i could charge my phone, and still have someting in the cup holders. thank god, i have the good cup holders. and for the the trunk.......i went with over kill haha. 2 12" subs, 2 tweeters, and a 1200watt amp i also put green interior glow in it, and put the switch on that little flip down door next to the side mirrior adjustment. (it doesn't flip down anymore). and a dual gauge pod for vacuum and for the battery level.
  6. My '96 trunk is leaking and the rear seats still have moisture in them. The car has been in an accident and i had fixed the trunk and tried to move the trunk in closer to the car. It still leaks and i have water pooling in the Spare wheel well, and near the taillights. ANy Suggestions to fix?
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