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Found 4 results

  1. chally

    I goofed..

    So, last week I replaced the clutch in my 88 626 turbo. I did the job in a hurry so as a result, I lost track of where all the mounting brackets need to go. I have also searched high and low for any kind of diagram that shows bracket locations (other than trans and engine mounts) and had no luck so far. the chilton i have for this car isn't real specific either. Anyone have any useful links for my predicament?
  2. Hi all, needing a lil guidance here. Got a 98 626 5M 203k miles. Last tues it quit running. I'm pretty sure its a clutch it needs. I was doing my paper route in it when through the middle of it I go into third gear and it doesn't fully engage (its done this many of times since the 15 months I had it and would also slip out of third gear occasionally when entering a corner, but would engage if you hold the shifter) I put it back in gear and I hear a POP! RIP 3rd gear, will not engage anymore after this point. Car still runs and I still have 1,2,4, and 5 so I skip 3rd. 3/4mi later I start climbing a hill and I start downshifting from 4th. I skip 3rd n go to 2nd. No resistance, no power. I shift to 1st once I stop. Same thing, no more forward and the shifter is stuck. Dammit. I finally free it and re-check the other forwardggears, they're history. I shift to reverse to get car out of street and engage, but I get no movement and the shifter is really stuck now after I engage reverse. I shut off car then try to start again. It tries to crank but immediately stops like a locked motor. Think its just a clutch job or I may need trans work. I really like this car but don't wanna get railroaded at a shop. 3rd gear was the only one that'd slip on me and even when it did, I'd put it back in gear and it'd be fine and pull. 1,2, 4, 5, and R were fine too, never slipped in those gears. Any ideas what else could be bad in there?
  3. So I think it is a fluid return hose that slipped off the pipe and managed to pump all the fluid out to the point that the car would no longer move. towed car home in neutal. Put hose back on, refill trans to spec. Start car and wait for the trans to engage but nothing. let car idle for some time, and still nothing. Now for the kicker,,,, the engine will not rev over 2000 rpm. We did nothing to the engine and I have never seen anything like this. It is almost like there is something holding the engine back, almost like it was in gear with the brake on. Just call me stumped. thanks for your time and ideas. Steve
  4. I did an atx to mtx swap over the last few weeks everything seemed to go well but after I got the car started it would not shift into reverse. I got the trans from a junkyard and there was a bolt missing right under the fill plug, I've seen someone else ask about this plug as they had an issue with reverse after removing it. When I say it won't shift into reverse I mean running, not running, jacked up, nothing. Any thoughts? I'm stumped!