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Found 1 result

  1. He is an easy to follow guide on how to adjust your throttle cable. You should only attempt this procedure if your butterfly valve is not flush when at idle otherwise you will only contribute towards throwing off your idle and engine efficiency in the long run. Documentation provided by member PVC from this topic. Credit goes to tjvjr for describing the correct procedure. Giving credit where it's due. 1) Pull the small white switch down towards the drivers side direction. 2) Turn the black plastic barrel (I turned it in the opposite direction of that black arrow on the barrel). The throttle now snaps all the way shut. If you are interested in removing the throttle cable for the purpose of component disassembly such as throttle body, intake manifold, engine rebuild, etc.. then there is a much easier and different process for removal as described in the following video starting at 0:20. The rest of the video is about IAC cleaning so you can ignore that if you're only interested in removing or adjusting the throttle cable. That should just about cover it.
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