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Found 13 results

  1. How in the world I get myself into these projects.... SMH I picked up an irwipi (it ran when I parked it), a 1984 Diesel 626 on Thursday. I have a 1988 Mazda B2000 that needs a motor. Perfect. I'm going to swap them. If anyone needs whats left of this 626, its on the Central Coast of CA. Side saddle to prop swap. Ive gleaned some information from others that the clutch itself does not swap. Its rumored that a 1990 Kia has the clutch I need. Can anyone verify this? Wiring Harness and ECM. I painstakingly removed the harness. all the relays, fuse block and other necessar
  2. HELP HELP klze p5 build guy in need. Hi all!! My setup will be a lil diff. I have the curved neck kl31 101 1a1, running a pnpms2 with aemsmartcoil w/ quadspark , probe trans lightened flywheel, actdualstage clutch more will come lator but any wiring pics and info any of you have will be greatly appreciated. the pnpms2 ecu changes a few things but I want to run my 93 probe wiring harness on klze p5 the basic way to get it running Then add quadspark and othe stuff lator to stop confusion and I'm not referring to the cluster. I need to know what p5 wires stay and what gets deleted same on the
  3. Hello all. Been using this site for some much needed information lately - my project has come to a close .....almost. My last issue is something that keeps me from calling it "done" as far as the initial phase goes. I've got the 2.5 KLDE with a GF4A-EL ATX trans from a 626/mx6. I've gotten the ECU and TCM all pinned out and everything works great - except one major detail. While driving it, it will not shift from 2nd gear to 3rd. Nor will it go into O/D. Now....this trans was tested good, so I don't doubt the seller. I've also replaced the 2-3 and 3-4 solenoids. I've tested voltage co
  4. Current DD/Project 1991 MX-6 LX W/ Turbo swap _Mods_ Engine: -Performance Dual Valve Springs -Bosh DRI GT injectors -Walbro 190LPH Fuel Pump -ATX throttlebody with thermo spacer -EGR Block Off Plate -A/C Delete -Aluminum 2 Row 'custom' Radiator -Aluminum Lightweight Crankpulley -100% Emissions, PCV, EGR and Vacuum Rail Delete. -MSD Blaster 2 Coil Conversion -NGK Wireset, NGK Plugs -Spark Plugs/Wires Thermo Insulators Drivetrain: -Stock N/A Trans -Previous owner replaced clutch
  5. ****Disclaimer Part 1**** I am not a certified mechanic, or an automotive expert. I am simpy someone that has ONLY owned an F2 or F2T engine car, and because of that, I happen to know a lot about it, and how to mess with it. Everything I have done is an experiment, a guess or an outcome of hours sometimes days or weeks or months of research. Multiply this by 6 years and I start to think I'm pretty good at it. I could always be wrong, forget something, or need to be corrected. ****Disclaimer Part 2*** If you question the health of your engine (leaks, drips, shakes, shimmys, bumps, knocks, p
  6. Looking at swapping a buick v6 from a commodore into my 1978 sedan, just wondering if anyone has had any experience or sussgestion i would be very thankful
  7. 2.0L ATX to MTX Swap (also applicable for 1.8L FP) This one has been a long time in the making. A comprehensive ATX to MTX swap tutorial for the 2.0L FS engine. You can use this same basic procedure to swap any FS automatic to manual for the 626, MX-6, Probe, Telstar, or Protege. The Protege will have some difference and there are differences in components between years and models. You'll have to adapt these procedures for your application. Just for reference if you want to watch every episode back to back I have an ATX to MTX swap playlist. There are some videos there (junkyard
  8. Surely, some of you have tried swapping out the 2.0 for an inline or V6? I need suggestions based on ease...anything, anyone?
  9. I need to know what I need to get to get my klze switched to a rhd. (right hand drive) any help I don't know to much
  10. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I have been lurking for a while now! I don't really know too much about cars, but I am very desperate in learning all I can. I just recently bought a Mazda 626 LX. It is a 1999, 4 cylinder, automatic and it is white. It has become my baby in the past four months. I got it with 179K miles for 1400. Everything was working perfectly. I have put about 4 thousand miles on it. I go to college far from my home and so I have been back and forth a few times now. Just last weekend, I had a someone drive the way back and he tried to "rev" the engine. He thought he wa
  11. please help me with a list of vehicles i can pull these from. would also appreciate suggestions on easy upgrade opportunities off other vehicles. im repairing front end damage, heres my list: radiator and condenser mtd. fan assy. bumper and grill assy. air box pass and driver headlights,and mounting brackets (an upgrade here would be nice) air bags also found a broken egr silanoid. it was mounted to air box but no vac line to it. lost on this. it has 2 silanoids with 2 nipples each, need to know if any similar will swap ok and radiator resavoir thank you! going tomaro after work will
  12. Hi everyone, thanks so much for this awesome forum. It helped us out immensely over the past two weeks! We purchased a 99 626 a couple of weeks ago. This is my first Mazda, but I've had both a '91 Probe 2.2 turbo, and a 96 Probe with a 2.0, both with manual transmissions. The ad said it needed an axle, upon getting there, it was obvious that wasn't the issue. (Unless the axle was comprised of aluminum cans and bicycle spokes), it definitely wasn't the typical clicking noise. We still purchased it, even needing a tranny, 1000$ was a good deal, the car is in pretty nice condition. I drove
  13. Hey y'all, I have a 2001 626 LX ATX. I'm looking to do a tranny swap for anything MTX. Any suggestions as to what transmission I should be using, parts that would go with it and fir, and about how much it would cost. I want to do performance upgrades for my 6 but it seems to take a lot more work and money for an automatic. With a manual transmission, it'd be easier to get everything done. I have other reasons for the swap as well but this being my current reasoning to get it done. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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