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Found 9 results

  1. dumpsterdrifter

    Im stupidity

    Lots of you may like it or you may not? Lol, i have had several proteges, 323, 626`s and 1 mx6, ive worked on all of them several atx to mtx swaps, to say the least i know my mazdas from a geographical stand point of the cars, i started noticing working in the automotive mechanics field, that they are all very similiar in engineering design, this got my imagination flowing of possibilities, there are many dead end forum post for escorts and proteges, on 5lug and brake conversions, 626, mx6, and probe, do not run into these deadends as commonly, so here is the story. I reluctantly bought a 95 escort station wagon for way to much, blah blah blah, i hated the car it was ugly it was slow and boring, but it ran good and drove from point a to b, woohoo!!!!, i had the racers itch that i had to scratch so i took it to auto x, had lots of fun, the next year it was time for upgrades, ebay everything, lowering springs, racing clutch, struts, short throw shifter and craigslist rims and tires. It killed it the car was finally something i liked and loved, i wore out the clutch, second gear syncro, and the engine was just getting tired, so i bought a 96 ford probe gt 5 speed car, for $200, it ran good but was in horrible condition, i stripped the probe of all nuts bolts and running and suspension gear, and threw away the carcass, so i have gotten pretty far into this build and i apoligize for lack of pictures on alot of specific stuff, but i will answer as many ?? That you all may have, so what i did was removed the front and rear sub frames, from the scort, drilled new holes in the scort and bolted up both front and rear sub frames from the probe, 5lug conversion and rear disc brake upgrade complete. Front brakes are from 2004 mazda 6, standard information to us here at mazda626.net for front brake upgrade, i know that i could have used mx3 parts to make this easier, but im a glutten for punishment, i adapted the steering linkage from rack to column using the scort column, with a little triming the probe cluster fit in the dash, looking decent, i have to modify the probe xmember and adapt the passenger side engine mount bracket, the benefit is 3" wider track all around, heavier equipment, for the engine to bolt to, also i didnt have to search for a mx3 GS, im overwhelmed with wiring and i need a starting point, anyone got any input?
  2. Hi guys, Does anyone know what coilovers would suit my car? was thinking possibly ae86 or maybe ke70 might work. Anyone had any experience ? Also I was going to try find a supercharger that would work and upgrade the carby. Unsure If i should just do an engine swap though. Does anyone know what injected or injected turbo motors have similar dimensions? Originally Was going to go a 13b but I'd like it to be abit more practical with still good power. So no carby haha. Thanks.
  3. Mazdabator626

    1981 626 Lowered Suspension

    Hey guys, Have just out Lowered King Springs in my 81 626, my front springs aren't captive so will need to either shorten the shock absorber or replace with a shorter shock. Any of you guys know what shock to hunt for, will an RX7 front shock of the same year fit straight into my strut to save me dicking around to get my standard ones shortened? Any help or advice would be awesome!!
  4. rome626

    Control Arm Assembly

    I believe my driver side ball joint(or tie rod end) not sure if it's upper or lower/inner outter, I only glanced. Is worn out and I've called around for pricing and the whole assembly is available, any info on how involved the change is?
  5. Hello everyone, KYB #SM5304 upper stut mount: Does anyone know if it comes with new bearings of if it fits (KYB's site says it does)? KYB SB103: Does anyone know if it comes with bumper stop and if it fits our cars (1979-1982)? I am about to order these but wanted to check and see if anyone has USED them and know for sure that they work? Thanks for your help.
  6. 79C626

    Springs For My 1979

    So this is a link to some springs I found in the States. Ideally I would find stiffer springs but not that much lower ride than stock. But beggers cant be choosers so to speak with this old of a car. Would any and all RX7 suspension stuff fit our 626's if same year? http://www.autoanything.com/suspension-systems/Mazda/RX-7/111A50469A53672A0A26A68A1.aspx Some one mentioned swapping out strut towers in front to RX7 so I could get ventilated discs up front? Also want to move to 15" wheels and don't want any rubbing. Better tire selection and nicer ride is what I am looking for. 13" get beat up pretty bad. Thoughts, knowledge? Thanks a lot you 626'ers!
  7. first of all hi to the community. ive had my lil 626 for about 2 years now and its got about 173k on the odometer. i recently got away from my 01 eclipse spyder and the money hole that was,(way to expensive of a project), so we are going to play with this thing. after reading for about a week now looking at random builds, faqs etc. learning lingo. i figured id put up something about my plans and try to get some advice, and pointers, and who knows maybe find some people in my area that would maybe hang out drink a few and help. well here are my plans, phase one: clean up the interior, paint plastics,(im not a fan of the tan/beige) peel the horrible tint job that previous owner put on off, finish doing a thorough tune up. thus far i have pulled the MAF, throttle body, and egr to clean up. did spark plugs a while back and injector clean as well. Phase two: pull the engine (i pulled the valve cover and its in def need of a inside out cleaning and gasket set). i would like to be very budget friendly on this so i may just do upper and lower gaskets, water pump, and mild machine work and get valve cover and intake mani(if i cant find an aftermarket one for a decent price) powder coated. start suspension work all four corners, shocks struts, sways, tie rods, drag links, etc. get it as close to new as i can. im focusing on oem for now, shocks i would like to upgrade. seen a few that everyones done havent found a place to get them yet. a set of springs would be nice too but again havent found anywhere that has em. Phase three:swap seats out to the mx6s love the way those look in the builds ive looked at. start doing some more appearance mods, ie; interior lighting, system, paint, and continue to find more stuff that i can get from a junk yard from the compatible cars. Phase four: start perfomance mods as i find them and collect nessasary data and other R&D that i need before i start. bouncing the idea of swapping out to mtx, maybe go boosted, who knows. but if anyone has info or suggestions im all ears :) thanx.
  8. My struts on my 626 are done for and i was thinking about getting coilovers instead like cheaper ones like bc coilovers or something but i cant find any that will match my car considering its a 1983 parts are scarce. For newer hondas you just type in 1993 honda coilovers and bing you got it. But with the 626 its not like that do you know any coilovers that you know that will fit my 1983 mazda 626 that you could suggest or have tried yourself.
  9. hello, I have an 87 mazda 626, and I am wondering if anyone has successfully installed coil-overs on an 87 626, and if so, where they were purchased and for how much. Thanks!