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Found 14 results

  1. Hey, So I've had a bit of a strange problem with my 1999 626. It doesn't always start on first attempt but if I give the key another turn instantly after the first, it starts. If you wait for a few seconds between turning the key it doesn't start. When looking for the problem was, and turning on and off frequently, sometimes it would not start at all for 15-20 attempts and then it would start every time... Got me stumped! Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. New to 626.net. My sons 99 626 2.0L is proving to be a challenge again. He was driving it then stalled it. Ever since it wont start. It has a strong odor of fuel. I have verified it does have spark on all cylinders. All plugs have unburnt fuel. Battery is fully charged. Pulled starter off hooked it to the battery tested the selonoid and the motor both appear to be functioning properly. Will not start with starting fluid. I have pulled and verified all fuses are intact. Car was running fine except had a tapping noise especially at higher rpm mainly in 2nd and 3rd gear. When trying to start whil
  3. I cant figure out what is going on w/my husbands car. It has had 3 new starter solenoids put in and three taken out. Working on the fourth now. I need some ideas on what could be causing the starters to burn out. I have replace a slew of parts already and dont want to dump more then a grand on repairing this car. Here is a list of everything I have replace: -Starter/solenoid x3 -battery -battery cables -fuses -spark plugs -spark plug wires -clutch sensor switch I read on another thread that a bad flywheel could potentially cause this but how would l test that theory? I can post a vide
  4. I have had to replace my starter twice in 3 months. I heard that a faulty flywheel could cause the starter to not disengage and burn up. Is this correct? If not what could cause it to not disengage?
  5. I recently took out my starter for my v6 24 valve and i do not think that they had it hooked up right was wondering if anyone had a picture how it was suppose to look or could tell me
  6. Bought my '97 626 in September this year, 144K on her, had absolutely no apparent issues..... October comes around and the Check Engine light begins to turn on and off and on at random intervals. Checked for the code and it was a P1506 - Idle Air, Overspeed, Vacuum Leak, etc. A few weeks pass, suddenly the car begins to have issues idling smoothly and she wouldn't turn over properly, some times won't turn over after 5-10 seconds, or would turn over after one go at 'er and it would stall - very rarely I might add.. November comes by and the check engine light turns off.... absolutely no pr
  7. hello all, well I've unfortunately been having to deal with all the flooding in SC this past weekend and the water has done a number on my car. i was driving at maybe 25 mph and hit a large puddle about 4 inches deep. the car stalled and i have since not been able to get it to start. when the key is turned the solenoid clicks and the starter spins up with a whirling noise and that's it. it seems like the starter isn't even engaging the fly wheel. i've tried push starting it but when the clutch is released the car stops like you've slammed the brakes. could the water have caused my timing belt
  8. I bought a remote starter so I can crank the engine while under the hood, but I don't know where the starter is and how I'm supposed to hook it up. 98 626 GF 2L
  9. Hey everyone, My name is John and I have a 2000 626 4-cyl, auto that has been getting sketchy with me when starting. In Park, I turn the key and the dash lights come on and the bell noise sounds, but nothing from the engine. I shimmy the key a bit, press down on the brake and push the shift forward as much as possible (still in Park obviously) and then it starts up fine. Sometimes it takes 2-3 tries, sometimes more. My obvious worry is that one of these days it won't start at all and I'll be screwed. A friend of mine told me that he thinks it's a switch that tells the car that i
  10. When turning the key to the crank position I only get a click, but doesn't turn over. Changed battery, changed starter, checked relay in fuse box under the hood, still only a click. Any suggestions? 1998, 626, 2L, Auto
  11. hey guys, been awhile since i've needed advice from here, but seems every winter my car likes to act up. went out to start my car and it started fine, ran for about 5 seconds then kinda fizzled out like it was out of gas (the gauge said empty). so i put a gallon gas in so i could get to the station, and it still won't start. still sounded like it had no gas, so i sprayed some ether and it had no reaction as if i didn't spray anything at all. checked the codes and got 4 long flashes a long pause then one short flash and that would just repeat, but im not sure what that means. haven'
  12. I noticed that my 4 year old battery was getting weak, & negative terminal had a bad connection (to the point the crimp was loose and the negative ground wire would actually slip out while driving leaving the battery disconnected on the negative side) After a while I would feel the car lose a tad bit of power (but not stall) while driving and the tachometer would read outlandishly. I replaced that negative terminal and that stopped... Then the battery died, I charged it, and the car started and ran fine once again. This morning the battery died again and the car wouldn't even start with a
  13. I just replaced #6 fuel injector, after going through all the tests found on this site, swapping wires, plugs, ohm test, (all at 14 ohms, #6 at 0). All went well, replaced air box, all 10 wire connectors, engine cranked fine but had no instrument lights, no horn, headlights, and no start. I retraced my steps, checking all connections, ended up checking the fuse box under the hood and found a white/green stripe wire with corroded connector. When I connected the wire I had all dash lights, dome light, headlights, etc. When I turned the key, nothing, no clicking, nothing at all. Don't know where
  14. Hey, I have a 1991 626 2.2L manual transmission car. It is old and has a pile of kilometers on it but has been super reliable in the past six months that I've owned it. The other day I needed to go out and the car started fine. It's sometimes a little reluctant to turn over right away but worked perfectly when I began the day. I drove a short distance and parked it on a sidestreet. After running errands for a couple hours I came back to the intending to drive home. When I go to start it the instrument lights came on along with the radio as normal but when I turned the key in the ignition the
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