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Found 5 results

  1. I have a 2002 mazda 626 2.0 l4 When idling at a stop sign or red light, it shakes and runs rough and sometimes stalls. Putting it in neutral, it will go back to a smooth idle. Any thoughts? I have only had the vehicle for about 4 months, so i don't know of how well this car has been maintained. I have replaced the spark plugs, oil change with full synthetic, I have a new Air Intake Man Gasket and Throttle Body gasket that I will be replacing later this evening. Maybe the MAF? The codes are saying misfire in cylinder 1 & 3. Also saying system too lean?
  2. Hello, I'm new to the board and would appreciate any help I can get. On my 626 ES v6 1998 manual transmission- I'm getting oil leakage and tried to go to a self service autowash and clean it. I pressure washed it as carefully as I could and (by a friend's recommendation) covered the coils ((box where the plug wires go into). Now the engine runs Real rough, stalls, doesn't seem to get gas when I can get it going, smells like gas sometimes. If I am idling and I push the gas pedal it can run ok and seems to rev pretty well (again, only when I have the parking brake on and am not moving). I'm guessing I disconnected something or sprayed something loose. I mean I'm super unlucky but even I don't have coincidences so bad that right after I wash the motor it just happens to start running terribly. Any ideas what I might have done to it and possibly how to get it running right? Thank you for your help!
  3. Hey everyone, good meet you all. Let's dive right in. So I own a 1989 Mazda 626 non turbo and about a month ago it started stalling when the rpms got below 1000 and has been doing it consistently since then. I was able to get it to a mechanic's and they didn't know or have the diagnostic equipment for it. So I am going to try to fix it myself. Symptoms: Stalls when rpms go below 1000. Its not a sputter then stall. It just cuts out as if I have turned it off. It idles well. Things attempted: Replaced air filter(needed it). Replaced fuel filter(seemed a bit clogged). Filled tank with fresh gas( thought it might be bad gas). I think that is it. The only other thing wrong with the car is that it leaks oil all over the engine. It just needs a new valve cover gasket. But don't know if it is related. Its been leaking for a while. Lastly the only thing done differently before this happened was it almost ran out of gas. It didn't run out but it was like 20 miles on E. Then a few days later it did its thing. So im wondering if anyone knows what might be wrong, other things to try, basically any help to get this car working. Thanks a bunch!
  4. I have a 96 626 2.0, i recently replaced the water pump, now the car has a rough idle and lags when i accelerate. Timing belt was marked prior to installation, so it shouldnt be the issue. When I put it in gear and hit the gas the car just lags like it doesnt have any power, once I come to a stop or am in traffic, the car will sputter and idle will drop very low and it sometimes stalls. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. I have a 1998 2.0L 4 cylinder. I have done now recent repairs or alterations. I get no check engine light, with that being said, here we go. When I am stopped at a red light, after a few seconds the rpms suddenly drop and the car stalls. I can start the car right away after this happens. I also get a rough accelaration from a stop the car chugs a couple of times and then everything is smooth. All the problems I have are going from a stopped position. Any ideas out there?