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Found 3 results

  1. Psychosis

    Coolant Sensor

    Soo the 94 Mazda 626 ES V6... (you all know..) is not giving me a temp reading in the dash board. It use to and yes Iv spoken to a few shops and they all look at me funny... I did nothing to this car besides replace the spark plugs and clean the spark wires. After doing so the car would not turn over (dead battery) replaced it, Turned it on... coolant splatters all over the damn floor. Looked around and under, nothing.... >< 2 shops I went to said it was possibly over flow do to it being a closed system and I unconnecting a hose near the throttle body. Fine, what ever. Let it run for 30mins then drove it past 40mph around the block, no leaks. Okay.. Now the temp reading gauge in the dash is reading below C (never moving up) took it back to the shop (there is 2 on my street) both say that the temp gauge sensor under the hood is not connected to anything (the female connector) I told them.. Thats never been connected to anything (and they agree do to it looking like nothings ever been connected to it but they look at me funny when I tell them the gauge use to tell me the temp till I replaced the battery) one guy told me it could be do to the restart of the system or a ground being moved but he was dead certain no matter what that the sensor that is unplugged should be what gives me a temp reading and is surprised that I was getting a reading befor hand. Soo. My question is... where the heck is the male connection part (the cable end).
  2. tankscooter

    95 626 2.0L Shifting Problem

    My 95 626 2.0L auto with 9k miles is having a problem. It will perform fine as long as I keep the engine rpms under 2500. Above that it the engine starts missing some and the transmission starts shifting wildly. The "O/D OFF" light will flash and check engine light come on. Stop, turn engine off and disconnect battery, and it will drive as long as you stay under 2500 rpm. I changed the Cat Converter, fuel filter, plugs & wires, distributor cap, and ignition coil. The transmission pulls strong, but the engine lack power above 50 mph. Below 2500 rpm the engine runs smooth and transmission shift fine. Of course the check engine light goes off at lower speeds which makes it hard to check. I am now guessing: 1) bad computer 2) bad MAP sensor 3) plugged exhaust downstream of the catalytic converter. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what else I might check?
  3. hey, i have a 1998 mazda 626 lx 2.5l v6, and i can't figure out where the camshaft position sensor is? does it have one? can't find anything on it for 98 only earlier, thanks.