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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I had my 626 for over 10 years now and it has been great but recently my lock/unlock remote stopped working so i opened it up and saw that the unlock button fell out so i soldered that back in and it does not work neither does the lock button so the past few months i have been manually unlocking and locking it using the key in the driver side but it is such a hassle as sometimes when i open the boot i leave the key there then i have to get out my car and collect it i tried following these steps to make my remote work (seen below) but that does not seem to work i tried for a few days now but nothing happens does anyone know another way i can program my remote because i dont want to get ripped off at the dealer. my remote is a 2 button NALDEC with the model number as 41601 Thanks for reading. Open driver's door and leave open. Insert the key into the switch and turn to ON and OFF position three times. Note: turn to the ON and not the ACC position! Take key out of the ignition. Press the driver's door ajar push-button three times. This button is located on the center pillar between the driver's door and the rear door. It is on the bottom part of the pillar and is pointing out. Press any button on the first remote. After several seconds, the dashboard buzzer will beep.
  2. Hi, I've just bought a spare after-market keyless remote (an RMV01), but the instructions it came with don't seem to work for getting the car into programming mode. I've looked on-line, but I haven't seen any for my 1991 626. Would any kind persons out there have instructions that will let me get the remote working? Cheers.
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