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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Everyone I was wondering if anyone ever tried to install the OEM / original / default / factory radio, of a 2nd generation Miate / MX5 into the DIN slot of a 5th generation Mazda 626 (1992 - 1997). Both looks like it has space for a Double DIN radio. The one in the MX5 sure looks like one, and I was thinking of installing a MX5 radio into my Doube DIN slot of my 626 (Ford Telstar TX5 version). Anyone tried this yet?
  2. So I bought my car a couple of years ago off of craigslist and the radio has never worked. It's the stock radio, but it doesn't light up and the display is really strange. There are things that pop up, but they are never full numbers or words, just partial display. I can turn the volume and station and it show that it's changing, but there's no sound. In order to get the full display, I have to hit the stereo back into place, but even if I do, it doesn't last long. I've checked my fuses and they're all intact, so it's not that. Is it possible that it just wasn't put in the correct way if it was taken out? Something else to add is that my dashboard/electronics have always been off (i.e. saying im going 25 when I'm really going 35), not sure if that has something to do with it or not. Any one know what could be wrong? Feel free to ask questions if my explanation wasn't clear enough.
  3. Hi guys, my first post, a little bit nervous I must admit. I bought a gray 2000 ES V6 (equipped with the factory double DIN stereo unit) yesterday and as soon as I drove it off the lot I noticed the cassette player doesn't work. It seems to be function properly but if you try and insert any tape it goes about half way in, pauses, and is promptly ejected. This sort of ruined my plans of using a cassette adapter to plug in 3.5mm auxillary. I bought a radio adapter this morning (I swore it would be the last time) and was so immediately disappointed I returned it before leaving the parking lot. So my first question is, has anyone experienced anything similar with cassette player and know what might be wrong/how to fix it? Secondly, I've heard of a lot of people rewiring their head units to add an auxiliary port right on the front. Would it be possible to redirect the signal wires from the back of the cassette unit to an aux port? That way when selecting "Tape" on the unit it would just switch the auxillary signal. I'm pretty capable at soldering and wiring but I don't know much about this car or the electronics it. If it is doable, does anyone have the diagram to find the right signal wires? Any help would be much appreciated. -John
  4. I tried changing out the radio in my 626 and I got the new head unit to work for a little bit but after a while it stopped and so did the interior lights and automatic locks. The auto lock button does work when the car is on though. I checked the fuses next to the door on the drivers side they all seem fine. The car does start and the door ajar light stays on even if the car doors are shut. Can someone tell me what's wrong????
  5. Hi Can anyone provide me with a copy of relevant pages in the 'Owner's manual/User Guide' for a 1993/94 626. The radio is a 'Philips 'CW077A' Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Yesterday I was installing a Sony cdx gt260mp into a 98 Mazda 626 and after connecting all the wires I noticed on the harness Bestbuy gave me there was a cord for the Power antenna and on the harness from sony there wasn't. Now with the radio plugged in I am not getting any am/fm channels but cds and my ipod work fine on it. Is this problem directly connected to the power antenna? how do I go about fixing it? Today while driving around the radio just died on me and is not turning back on, since I the radio doesn't have recepetion I never connected the ground wire from the sony harness would this problem be correlated to that? or if you have a different idea let me know Thanks
  7. I just had an engine put in my 1997 Mazda 626. When I got it back from mechanic, keyless remote no longer works and radio does not come on. I did not have any of those problems before putting in the new engine, so I figure mechanic left something unconnected or ???? I had a lot of problems with this mechanic (car would not come out of park after he released it to me, so my dad found the problem, cable to transmission was unhooked) so I refuse to go back to that mechanic and ask him to fix it. He will probably just mess something else up...sad but true. Could it be the fuses?
  8. I searched over the forum but didn't get any results on how to dismantle the dash board/center console to access the wiring for the radio. So I am posting a new thread here. Purchased a 2000 626 lx without checking the car. And I am facing electrical issues with it. Bought the car very recently, without really checking anything. Some mechanical issues will be taken care of shortly, however some electrical issues are driving me crazy. Remote: -Unlocks all the doors with double key press as it should. -Unlocks the driver's door with single key press as it should. -Locks all the doors except the driver's door with the lock button. The locks just cycles around. I have to press lock on the remote and manually lock the level from the interior handle to lock the driver's door. -Key works with lock and unlock. -Rear passenger door is shut locked, will tackle it later as I suspect the actuator is jammed. Radio: -Came with an aftermarket pioneer head unit. -The previous owner hacked the factory harness and crimped the pioneer harness to the wires. -The radio is not getting any power. -As soon as I connect the antennae wire to the radio, the ROOM fuse blows out. -When the radio is connected to the harness without the antennae wire connected, the tail lights and the turn signal lights are constantly ON, although the car is off and locked. Hence I unplugged the radio harness to keep the battery from draining. -Bench tested the radio with 12V, the radio turns ON and functions properly. -Checked the harness. there is 12V on the accessory and constant ON. Actually both wires are crimped to the constant 12V. Having some issues with AC and idle, that I found the DIYs on. So, I will take care of them in the weekend. If someone can point me in the right direction where and what to look for and also some guide to take the center console apart that would be great. Thanks
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