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Found 4 results

  1. Good day. Is there's any way to aim my 626's headlights? The manual I found online doesn't apply to me since it seems to have a different headlight assembly. (For instance: It keeps mentioning a level bubble supposedly built into the assembly, which mine clearly doesn't have. The turn signal also comes attached with the headlight in the said manual, while mine has it as a separate unit altogether.) My research has told me it’s a European 626 model. Haven’t found anything about aiming though. For reference, here's what my 626's headlight assembly looks like: Got the images from https://www.motorhog.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/headlight-mazda-626-92-97-passenger-headlamp---warranty---910286/-/6169/ https://www.motorhog.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/headlight-mazda-626-92-97-passenger-headlamp---warranty---901489/-/6170/
  2. Hey everybody, I have a new hypothetical idea that I think is actually feasible, but I was wondering if anybody could add to it. I just installed yellow HIDs on my '98-'99 OEM Blazer projector fogs, and they are awesome! Super bright with a great cutoff a few inches off the ground to avoid blinding other drivers. Puts my Philips Crystalvision Ultra (brightest I've had) headlights to shame! Makes me want to put HIDs in my headlights, but I don't have projectors. The thing is, I don't want to open up the headlight housing or deal with multiple filament-based bulb types. (I've seen 9003 bulbs with shields and I've seen 9003 bulbs with halogen highbeams, but not both together, which would be preferable) My idea to do something like this is to mount projectors in between the headlights in the grill to use as lowbeams, and use the stock highbeams as highbeams. I would have to change a few wires to make sure the lowbeams don't cycle off every time I use the highbeams (not too daunting from a wiring standpoint). Most projectors I find are for fitment inside an existing headlight housing, so most likely I'd have to use weatherproof aftermarket fog lights (maybe another set of the Blazers). My issue is how to make this work from a mounting and aiming standpoint?
  3. Adding fog lights is a relatively easy upgrade that can have some great results for both inclement weather and nighttime driving. Before we can discuss what to buy, we first need to understand our options and the different types of fog lights available, generally speaking we have 3 different options. Reflector Foglights (not worth upgrading to) Projector Foglights Projector Driving Lights 1) Reflector Foglights For most road applications upgrading to reflector fog lights are not worth it. You are probably actually better without having fog lights because all they do in reality is scatter light in every direction in front of your car. Giving you a lighting hotzone directly in-front of your bumper which pulls your focus down to well directly infront of the bumper, which results in reduced visibility at far away objects. Now not to say their isn't a place for reflectors, most rally cars use massive reflectors, BUT they are offroading and hardly ever have "oncoming traffic." Some Important Notes you should never place HID bulbs into reflector housings Reflector Foglights are often referred to as Daytime Running Lamps DRLs, becase all they do is make your car more noticeable during daylight conditions. Reflector Diagram: Mazda6 Reflector Foglight Example: Reflector Fog light output example:(coming soon) 2) Projector Fog lights Projector fog lights or foglamps are where the real fun begins. For relatively low cost you can get an AWESOME upgrade to your lighting output. Projectors have 4 main components: Enclosed Shell Reflector Dish Glass Lens Cutoff Shield Projector Fog light Diagram: Projector Fog light Example: Blazer Fog lights The greatest 2 benefits to using projectors are: Evenly distributed light The light is "cutoff" so it won't be shining in other drivers eyes as often. Example of Projector Fog light output: 3) Driving light Projectors Driving lamps/Driving Fogs are also known as pencil beams. They shoot huge amounts of light straight down the road, they should only be paired with high beams and used when no other cars are visibly around. Key Differences between Driving Light Projector Fogs and Regular Projector Fogs: Larger Dish Larger more rounded lens No Cutoff Shield Diagram: (Coming Soon) Housing Comparison --Projector Fog Lights vs Projector Driving Lights : Output Comparison --Projector Fog Lights vs Projector Driving Lights: This is still a work in progress but enjoy! For help on deciding which foglight to buy visit the Official Mazda626.net Projector Foglight Buying Guide
  4. up for sale are my jdm 1993-1997 j-spec projector headlights.i really dont want to sell them, but i need the money for a new transmission and i guess these have to go. they are in perfect condition and have a very clear lens. these lights are very hard to find (took me 4 years to find these) and everyone seems to want them. message me an offer if your interested!! thanks
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