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Found 8 results

  1. noaheim


    Anybody know some oem parts from other vehicles that will fit on a 97 626 i4 manual. Like swaybars, brakes, anything that is better than stock 626. I don't have a welder so minimal modification
  2. xtheonewhoknocks

    Aftermarket cams?

    Wondering if there are any aftermarket / aggressive / performance camshafts available for the KLG4, thanks guys. cant find any my self, obviously. ive looked. :/
  3. Can anyone recommend a good cheap (80-150$) aftermarket cold air intake kit for my 2000 Mazda 626 LX V6 Auto? One thatll fit and i wont really have any problems with the MAF or IAT or anything like that? im kind of new to all of this. Also, if i wernt to install it (i would obviously try my self, doesnt seem to hard) how much would it cost to have a mechanic install it? (just a base price?) Thanks!
  4. Every car I buy, I soucre out all aftermarket performance sites I can go to for quick reference. Some forums have convenient "stickys" that let everyone know where to go to get everything they need. After doing some moderate searching on this forum, there is a lot of mentioning of parts that I can't seem to find any more. It would seem the aftermarket for the GD platform has started to dry up, with understanding. I would like invite anyone to post on this thread all websites that we can find for aftermarket components, along with the price listed. This thread is simply designed to get everything in one place. Parts specific to our cars: Springs Struts/Shocks (or just coilovers) Poly Bushings (control arms, trailing arms, shifter, etc.) Brake rotors/pads SS brake/clutch lines Short Shifter Sway bars and endlinks Strut Tower bars and other Chassis bracing Radiator/ Thermostat/ Fan Silcone (or upgraded) hoses Flywheel/Clutch Camber Adjust? Intake manifold Cap & rotor Fuel rail Cam(s)/Cam gears/etc Pistons/ rods/ crank/ sleeves/ bearings Rebuild kit: Timing Belt, water pump, gaskets, studs, etc. Other general parts: Exhaust Air filter Coil Pack Grounding kit Battery Fuel pump/ regulator/ injectors Lighting Most of this stuff isn't nessecary IMO, but it may be useful to someone doing a specific build. It's just good to know where to go, and what's out there for these cars, esp. now that they are getting much older, and parts are becoming increasingly hard to find. Thanks!
  5. Hello there, i have just bought a 1984 626 LX 2.0L and am having one hell of a time finding a place to get parts for it in Canada. Right now i am looking for OEM parts to bring it back to life. afterwards however i will be looking to pump up this little beast with some extra ponies. if anyone can help, and or give some pointers for upgrades that would be greatly appreciated.
  6. 98MazdaAC

    Is It Worth It To Chip?

    Is it worth it or do you think it will make a differance if i chip my 98 I4 2.0 manual 626? there is a Volo chip i was looking at and wasnt sure if it was even worth buying. Here is a link to the chip i was looking at. http://voloperformance.com/vp12-performance-ch12.html
  7. first of all hi to the community. ive had my lil 626 for about 2 years now and its got about 173k on the odometer. i recently got away from my 01 eclipse spyder and the money hole that was,(way to expensive of a project), so we are going to play with this thing. after reading for about a week now looking at random builds, faqs etc. learning lingo. i figured id put up something about my plans and try to get some advice, and pointers, and who knows maybe find some people in my area that would maybe hang out drink a few and help. well here are my plans, phase one: clean up the interior, paint plastics,(im not a fan of the tan/beige) peel the horrible tint job that previous owner put on off, finish doing a thorough tune up. thus far i have pulled the MAF, throttle body, and egr to clean up. did spark plugs a while back and injector clean as well. Phase two: pull the engine (i pulled the valve cover and its in def need of a inside out cleaning and gasket set). i would like to be very budget friendly on this so i may just do upper and lower gaskets, water pump, and mild machine work and get valve cover and intake mani(if i cant find an aftermarket one for a decent price) powder coated. start suspension work all four corners, shocks struts, sways, tie rods, drag links, etc. get it as close to new as i can. im focusing on oem for now, shocks i would like to upgrade. seen a few that everyones done havent found a place to get them yet. a set of springs would be nice too but again havent found anywhere that has em. Phase three:swap seats out to the mx6s love the way those look in the builds ive looked at. start doing some more appearance mods, ie; interior lighting, system, paint, and continue to find more stuff that i can get from a junk yard from the compatible cars. Phase four: start perfomance mods as i find them and collect nessasary data and other R&D that i need before i start. bouncing the idea of swapping out to mtx, maybe go boosted, who knows. but if anyone has info or suggestions im all ears :) thanx.
  8. kmasters3

    Ecu Upgrade!

    I'm most likely ordering in a GForce Chip for my 2.5 626 and was wondering if anyone's had experience with modifying their ECU's. I'd like to be made aware of any possible issues. The chip sounds legit enough, and I'm excited but I'd like to get a few opinions first. Thank you!