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Found 4 results

  1. Okay so I picked up a 97 626 from a friend of mine. They had the clutch replaced it drove fine when I test drove it but once I got it home that's when the trouble started. It's as if the clutch won't stay primed. Already replaced the slave cylinder but didn't solve the problem any tips?
  2. hey, ive noticed for awhile that when i try to accelerate quickly, my clutch pedal wont return all the way and it feels like im not getting full power from the engine. i have to let off the gas, and then the pedal will pop back the rest of the way. it doesn't happen all the time, and it only happens when starting quickly in first gear. it just feels like something just isn't letting the clutch fully engage under hard starts.
  3. about two weeks ago I started off for work and when I shifted from 2nd to 3rd my clutch stayed down... I lifted it with my foot and everything felt normal again except for the fact that I had to press the clutch a little further before I felt pressure in it (excessive play). Yesterday I went to Walmart and the same thing happened so I lifted it again but this time the pressure never returned. I had to fight my transmission all the way home. I can only start the car in neutral because it will try to move when it's in gear. I was thinking about just bleeding the clutch but at this point I don't know for sure if that will help any. I found a clutch slave cylinder and master cylinder for cheap ($21 for both re-manufactured) I just honestly have no idea how to put them on but with my experience I should be able to get it right with a little help and advice.... Thanks to anyone who can help.
  4. Can someone help my find the clutch master slave cylinder on my 98 626 4l ?? . My clutch pedal is stuck and i was told the solution would be to bleed the clutch.
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