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Found 17 results

  1. Anybody know some oem parts from other vehicles that will fit on a 97 626 i4 manual. Like swaybars, brakes, anything that is better than stock 626. I don't have a welder so minimal modification
  2. Hi guys I'm putting some feelers out, i have a 1990 mazda 626 GT with a fe3n engine, leather and a genuine TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) body kit from mould 1. I'm thinking of breaking the car or selling complete as i can no longer have the time or money that it deserves, the car is a complete very clean car, since I've had it i have repaired most of the rust and removed the interior ( still have all the parts). The body kit is very rare to see, especially complete with both front and rear bumper, side skirts and spoiler, this does need a few repairs but if i get enough interest i will repa
  3. I have a 1997 626 with 298,000 miles that our family loves dearly. Is there any way to get a new old stock driver's side (left) sun visor in gray? I have looked all over and every site seems to have the visor, but on further analysis says it's NLA. If not, is there any way to repair the sun visor? The pasteboard inside has cracked and the visor sags and will not stay up. Is there any way to replace the inner stiff material while keeping the fabric covering?
  4. Howdy guys. Sad to say I traded in the 626 after years of serving me well. As it is, I stocked up on some parts I was planning on replacing in the future. I'd like to get rid of the parts as a whole. I have the following: Timing Belt kit (with tensioner) Oil filters (4) Transmission mount Oil Pan Gasket Front Wheel Bearings Rear Disc Pads 1 inner tie rod Let me know. I'm in MD if you want to pick it up. None of the parts are used, but the boxes are worse for the wear after two moves.
  5. I just started this and am happy to see forums about fixing up Mazda's. I've had my car for four years and have already put a lot of work in it, but it can always use more. Its a bit of a wiring nightmare, so I've had to tiptoe. Under the hood everything works great except for the fuel injection. It likes to die sometimes if I stop too fast and doesn't kick up to freeway speed very fast. I know its expensive to replace because of the pricey parts so I was wondering if it could just be a simple hose that's not quite doing it's job? I'll talk about this later... I want to show you my car baby!
  6. how do I find out what ECU is compatible to my Mazda 626 2001 LX 2.0L VIN 1YVGF22C315209134 ?
  7. Craftysdc

    Body Kit

    Looking to find myself the add on's under this 626, (black) if I could find them in AUS that would be great but also any websites that might do them?
  8. Hello all, i have 1991 626 sedan GD case and i need a spare part list and exp. pictures so user manual too, i have one pdf file about spare parts but only 15 pages and not enough. who can help me for all pdf files( user man. service book so all) thank you 626_8892_cg.pdf
  9. Hello there, i have just bought a 1984 626 LX 2.0L and am having one hell of a time finding a place to get parts for it in Canada. Right now i am looking for OEM parts to bring it back to life. afterwards however i will be looking to pump up this little beast with some extra ponies. if anyone can help, and or give some pointers for upgrades that would be greatly appreciated.
  10. My blue 1990 Mazda 626 hatchback disappeared from a repair shop called Innovative Automotive in Sierra Vista AZ, in January 2014. I was just informed the Sheriff's department will no longer look for it, nor have they tagged it as "stolen" in the Motor Vehicles database. The former owners of Innovative Automotive skipped the state, and ripped off a bunch of people. My car was in for an engine replacement, and they had a $1000 down payment from me for that. That disappeared also, of course. I know there's no chance of getting my money back, but I hope my car can be found. It's a blue hat
  11. Hey there - not sure if this is against the norm or not, but I have a 1996 626 ES for sale. 165,000km / manual / 4 cylinder / great condition The car is in great condition, drives well, however the brake line recently blew along the driver side and I haven't gotten it fixed yet. I can certainly post a few pictures, but let me know if there's any initial interest and we'll go from there. I'm in a situation where I need to get rid of it pretty quickly, so I'm willing work out a very fair price. Let me know if there's any questions. Thanks, - Nathan
  12. Hey guys I'm obviously new here but recently my trusty 2002 626 (I4 auto) bit the dust in a big way. We were road tripping from Denver up into Montana and broke down in Rock Springs, Wyoming of all places. Well long story short a failed crankshaft bearing led to a seized engine. There we have it. Now I'm seven hours away with a much-loved 626 I can't justify the cost of repairing. So I figured there may be no better place on the internet to check with than here. The thing that kills me is that it just feels like a huge waste to junk the car. It's by no means a perfect specimen, with a c
  13. After searching my ass of and not finding it: http://www.neoriginal.ru/cat/mazda/
  14. please help me with a list of vehicles i can pull these from. would also appreciate suggestions on easy upgrade opportunities off other vehicles. im repairing front end damage, heres my list: radiator and condenser mtd. fan assy. bumper and grill assy. air box pass and driver headlights,and mounting brackets (an upgrade here would be nice) air bags also found a broken egr silanoid. it was mounted to air box but no vac line to it. lost on this. it has 2 silanoids with 2 nipples each, need to know if any similar will swap ok and radiator resavoir thank you! going tomaro after work will
  15. Hey guys i bought a 1989 mazda 626 2.2ltr turbo on sunday, has some minor work done.... just wondering if anyone knows were i could buy some parts, ive been looking on the net cannot find anything... im just after some bigger injectors, fuel pump,Bigger cooler, and piping, it seems to be already running Very rich, ($50.00 of 98 octane fuel got me 168kms) which is weird considering i was told it was completely standard ..... apart from a few mods such as.. 18" wheels Slotted and crossed drilled rotors Some Sort of cannon? Pod Filter.... i put put a T peice boost controller and Ive conn
  16. I am selling a few new parts for the 2.0 4cly engine. I MAY PART OUT THE WHOLE CAR SO DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK i have a head gasket kit still in its origional plastic sealed, with all the gaskets and seals needeed to do the job. I also have brand new head bolts still in the box. Pending I also am selling a brand new master cylender. I have a used fuel rail too. any questions or anything feel free to ask. and i can post pics if anyone wants them. make me offers....im willing to work something out with pricing....i just want to get rid of them. thanks for looking
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