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Found 16 results

  1. my 2002 2.0l cut off and will not restart. It has no spark or power to the fuel pump. Trying to find the common denominator. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Im having a no start issue with my 1988 Mazda 626 (Base model N/a 2.2 w/ 5 speed manual) Rather than trying to explain it and failing miserably, I filmed the issue. Specificly at 1:40 - 2:37. Thanks for any input!
  3. Hello, I just bought a non running 1997 626 V6 auto and I talked to the previous owner on the phone and she said that the alt was over charging and burned the ECU. I have no dash gauges and the car will crank but no even try to start, nothing with starting fluid. My question is I found a NOS ECU on Ebay with all the same #'s, KLY3 18881r and I was wondering can I install this and expect it to run, or do I need to program the ECU to make it work? The car does not have a security system and a regular key, so I wonder is it plug and play?
  4. Hello - i have an 01 626 with just over 210k miles on it. I've had the car about 5 years and for the first four years, about once a year, the car wouldn't start when you turned the key. Didn't matter how many times you turned it, just didn't start. Id shift into neutral and it would start up, or if not then when i shifted back into P it would start then. Honestly wasn't a big deal. About a month ago it started doing this much more often, maybe 25% of the times i tried to start it. And here we are today where the car sits in my driveway and wont start at all. Battery was changed maybe 6 mo
  5. Hello everyone I have a 1997 Mazda 626 2.0L Automatic LX I replaced my Head Gasket, redid my timing and replaced all the necessary gaskets and I now have a Crank but No Start. So Electrically, I replaced the ignition coil (I have a distributor and separate ignition coil), spark plugs, spark wires, distributor cap and rotor, and have used 2 different car batteries. Fuel wise, I have tested the fuel injectors (13.5 OHMs, which was satisfactory) and tested the fuel pressure only between the fuel filter and fuel rail. The fuel pressure was about 47-49 but only when I tried sta
  6. 2000 Mazda 626, V6, Automatic was starting intermittently - would sometimes have to wait 15 minutes or more, now won't start at all. I have been reading many posts but the difference in my issue is neither of the two keys is working AND the security light isn't coming on at all. We have a working remote that initiates the security light when the doors are all locked but once we put either key in ignition, security light doesn't flash, doesn't appear. I tried switching ignition on and off several iteration and security light lit and stayed lit, no flash but still no start. My boyfriend is a
  7. Drove it yesterday, went back out about 3 hours later and it won't start. It's cranking fine just won't turn over. Don't really know much about fixing cars so where should I start?
  8. I' starting to have an issue with my 626, but its hard to pinpoint on my own right now seen as its summer and 99% of my driving is on the motorcycle. The last two times I drove my 626, It started and ran fine up until about a few miles from home after work, a 45-50 mile drive. It kind of started chugging and I noticed as it did this, the rpms dropped to zero and then kicked back up to the engines speed. Since I was close to home the first time, I left it on the side of the road and went to an appointment I had on the cycle. When I returned about an hour later I looked at things and noticed
  9. First off I would like to say this is a bit long because I want to give you as much details as possible ...hey everybody I've been a lurker on this thread for a little while now (Mostly to try to learn about our cars and not really knowing much myself) but I have A 99' 2.5L v6 626 ES with almost 97,000 original miles. When I first got the car it was running rough and would turn off if it wasn't revved so long story short the guy thought it needed a new motor in it. So i bought it and was willing to drop a engine in there, I know I was young and hard headed but anyways I would go out there and
  10. Hello. I have a 1999 626, 2.0L and it will not start. It cranks but will not start. I had to wire a new headunit since the previous owner cut off the stock radio harness. I wired the ground wire from the headunit to the ground on the harness wire. Could that cause a no start, if it can't ground well there? The battery has correct charge. The connection to the battery terminal is tight and without corrosion. With key in ignition, there is a humming noise coming from under the engine hood. I can smell fuel in cylinder chamber when I remove spark plugs. I replaced plugs because they were
  11. I have a Mazda 626 that doesn't want to start. I've replaced battery, battery cables, clutch sensor, starter, solenoid, all fuses and still nothing. I can put the key in lights come on radio works but try to turn it over and nothing.Car would start if jumped with a screwdriver to the solenoid but now it doesn't like to anymore. Any help much appreciatted.
  12. So I noticed my last post was way to tl:dr. But at the time I was way too wet, tired and annoyed to care. So: 1996 GE I4 ATX - Drove car on a five hour drive - Car then sat for an hour or two - Got in car and smelled petrol (not overpowering, but present) and back seat was dry - Car would crank but not start. Stumbled a bit at first. Then nothing. - All fuses and relays test ok - No visible fuel leaks anywhere, from fuel tank to fuel rail. Cannot find source of petrol smell - No longer hear fuel pump pressurise at key ON position - When looked under bonnet, noticed that breather betw
  13. Hi guys!! /sarcasm Same car, GE '96 626. Brought it to my mate in time for his 30th birthday. Needless to say, he was really excited. I was immensely pleased with the car and kinda didn't want to give it back, it was running really, really well. We drove around for about three hours on Friday night and then today we went on a long drive, about five hours total, highway speeds. It was a lovely day. We came home, hung around and then attempted to go out to get some beer and food and shoot a game of pool. We get in the car. I sit in the passenger seat and immediately say "hey, why does it
  14. All right, so my mate finally settled on a '96 626 I4 ATX. We bought the tranny cooler which we were going to install this weekend. Along with a whole slew of other parts and fluids. Here's the thing: We changed out the plugs and leads (still waiting on the dizzy cap and rotor) and right off the bat the car seemed to perk up a bit. The old plugs were Bosch and we put in the NGKs. Although one thing I noticed was a helluv a lot of oil in spark plug well number 2, as well as a small pool of oil sitting in the concave of the piston head. The valve cover gasket was changed out immediately prior t
  15. A little background first. 1993 626DX, approximately 205,000 miles, was running perfectly. Few weeks ago, I went to the bank shut off the car, went inside and when I came back out and tried to start it, it would turn over, but didn't start. I waited a few seconds, then tried again, no go. I took the keys out, then tried it again about a minute later and it started. Still ran perfect. The next day at work I stalled it out...whoops. Tried to start it back up, same issue as the day before. It took a little longer this time before it finally started, but it did and ran perfectly. I went t
  16. I have a 99 Mazda 626 with some serious problems. Well, I first tried starting my car yesterday and for some reason it sounds like my timing belt broke,(Engine sounds like there's no compressions, It rolls over easy). Also, I have no tachometer when I try to start it. Rolled it in my garage and removed one spark plug only to see it was soaked with fuel. I then removed all plugs and they were the same,(Soaked with fuel). Next step was to remove front cover to verify if my timing belt has snapped or possibly jumped timing. Once I removed the timing cover, belt was still in place and all ti
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