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Found 4 results

  1. I've been searching for a whole sunroof assembly, but it seems very hard to find. Anyone have any suggestions on where to look?
  2. Just joined this site. 1987 Mazda 626 LX was my first new car out of college. Unfortunately, it was stolen. Before that I purchased the OEM smoked moonroof deflector and just found it again while cleaning out the garage. Time to find it a good home. I'm thinking maybe $30. It's in bubble wrap which I think is original. I can see the Mazda logo on it. Anyone interested?
  3. Hello All, I'm new to these boards and I have a few questions. I have a 2000 Mazda 626 ES-V6, Automatic with 121,000 miles and had a few questions on engine additives: 1. Would using a oil additive like Slick 50 or equivalent be recommended? I don't have any leaks or engine compression issues that I'm aware of. 2. Would using a fuel supplement be recommended (i.E. Chevron Techron Concentrate). I currently use Chevron Premium, and I've used Chevron Premium since I bought the car new 12 years ago, but I never added any extra additive. Would this even be needed or recommended in my case? If I added the Techron concentrate additive, would it do 'extra cleaning' In reality, my car has been extremely reliable (knock on wood), and never broke down. (Again, knock on wood). I did have to replace the alternator at 120,000 miles, and got a new timing belt, Water Pump, and reservoir, as well as new serpentine belts, etc, but other than that, the car has been fantastic. I tend to keep the car very clean, and it still looks brand new inside, and I want to keep the car at least 3-5 more years if possible. Also, my sunroof is in great shape with no leaks, but what would be a good protectant for the rubber seal around the sunroof to prevent drying out? Thanks all for feedback! -Mike-
  4. I hav a 93 Mazda 626 with a sunroof it won't close been told its a broken bracket on the left side does any1 no what this bracket might be called or have any diagrams regarding the sunroof When it happened it was tilted and when I went to close it it only pulled the right side Down the left Side stayed stuck open and wasn't able to push it back down with out forcing it closed (didn't want to brake it more) ended up taking it to a sunroof guy he had 1 look at it and said it was common on these yr of Mazdas he was able to get it back flush with the roof looked like he slid something on the tracks back down he said it was some kind of braket cant remeber Wat he called it any way of getting diagrams of the sunroof with brackets and tracks I want to see if it's possible in makingmy own bracket and fixing myself but don't want to start to attempt if I will end up having to get a specialist to do it
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