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Found 3 results

  1. So we got our 1996 V6 626 two years ago, and I may end up inheriting it (and its issues) in a while. So, there are two main issues I have with it currently, and they might be tied together. The first, and arguably most severe problem is that the trunk refuses to lock, both via the central locking system, and via the rear lock. The second issue is that the rear wiper is acting possessed. Occasionally it'll start up and wipe away to its hearts content (completely at random and unaffected by the controls), and occasionally it'll stop. When it doesn't start up randomly, it usually follows wha
  2. Hello All. I have a 1994 626 2.0L I4 with factory central locking. Recently, when I lock the driver's door lock, the other doors will sometimes lock, but most times remain unlocked. They always unlock when the driver's lock is pulled up. I read on this forums that a switch inside the lock mechanism breaks over time, and doesn't send the lock up/down signal properly, so I replaced the signal from this switch with one coming from the power door lock actuator (solenoid) that I had installed with an aftermarket alarm. Sadly, after putting everything back, I have the exact same problem as before: c
  3. Hi, I've got a 97' 626 which I am trying to install a remote locker/unlocker for. I've had a look at the other threads on this forum and at the wiring diagrams, but they haven't answered my question - hopefully someone here will be able to help me. TL;DR: how does the wiring and signal for the central locking work? Is it pulse based? What are the unlock/lock signals? I've identified two wires in the boot which are running to the lock, one is grey-blue and is 12V relative to the other which is black (I've been assuming its a ground). I hooked up a multimeter to these wires and it measur
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