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Found 9 results

  1. Good day. Is there's any way to aim my 626's headlights? The manual I found online doesn't apply to me since it seems to have a different headlight assembly. (For instance: It keeps mentioning a level bubble supposedly built into the assembly, which mine clearly doesn't have. The turn signal also comes attached with the headlight in the said manual, while mine has it as a separate unit altogether.) My research has told me it’s a European 626 model. Haven’t found anything about aiming though. For reference, here's what my 626's headlight assembly looks like: Got the images from https://www.motorhog.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/headlight-mazda-626-92-97-passenger-headlamp---warranty---910286/-/6169/ https://www.motorhog.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/headlight-mazda-626-92-97-passenger-headlamp---warranty---901489/-/6170/
  2. When I open the doors the courtesy lights do not turn on until like 10 seconds of waiting. At first I thought the battery died. So I left the door open and just as I was about to put the key in, the courtesy light comes on. Am I correct to suspect it's a wiring issue? I just inherited the car, and before that point, it hasn't been given a lot of TLC by the family while I was away completing school. Edit: Apparently it really was a sign that the battery was getting weak. A few weeks of that later the car wouldn't start and the lights stayed off. We got a fresh battery and everything worked as it should!
  3. Hey guys, new member here. I've got a 91' mazda 626 and the issue is with the Power/Eco toggle switch and cluster light. The power light glows and enables, but the eco light does not illuminate and not sure if its enabling either. If anybody has insight on this issue, please feel free to comment with solutions, it will be highly appreciated! Thanks guys
  4. I installed the OEM Fog lights into my 2000 Mazda and just wanted to share some pictures and offer help to anyone who needs it. Before: During: After:
  5. Has anyone considered putting an LED daytime running light strip in a 5th gen? where would you put one and would it look good or tacky? Examples:
  6. My '81 626 auto is nearly ready for a roadworthy but I have a problem. When I select the reverse gear and my foot is on the brake pedal the "stop light" warning light on the dash comes on and sort of flickers. Doesn't seem to do it in any other gear. All of my headlights, tail lights, indicator and reverse lights work... I'm not real good with electrics but I want to fix it myself as I have done everything else so far, so where should I start looking? Thanks.
  7. On my 97 mazda 626 2.0L I no longer have headlights, taillights or dash lights. Essentially the little knob that you turn at night doesnt work. Although it seems obviouse the multifunction switch is the problem, i am still unsure. Plus the first step to replace is remove airbag, in which I need to lock the ignition which for some reason my key will not do (the key hole by the shifter) as well once I get to the switch is there a way to test? any advice would be great. one more thing... my headlights hadnt worked for awhile befor it all went bust... only when the signal was on would they work and a few times since everything has gone bust they have work... and only the headlights, while a signal was on.
  8. Background I just got a 1998 Mazda 626 V6 2.5L and I decided I would install an aftermarket deck. I unplugged the stock radio and bought a harness that I could plug the wires from my Aftermarket Deck to, and then directly plug it into the wiring harness for the stereo in the car. I wired some things wrong because I didn't do it according to the schematic diagram, So I plugged in the after market deck, it was all going good for 15 seconds, and then everything turned off, and blew a shitload of fuses. All the lights inside the car weren't working. I unplugged the aftermarket deck and wired it properly according to the schematic, changed most of the fuses, and plugged the aftermarket deck back in. Now the aftermarket deck works, all the lights and power options in the car work, but none of the lights on my dashboard (behind the cluster gauge;speedometer,odometer) are on. My E-Brake light comes on and the seatbelt/door open warning work, but the actual lights that light up behind the speedometer and odometer don't. Question Does anyone know which fuse/the name of the fuse it is that I have to work on or should I just change the bulbs?
  9. I have a 2000 (W), 626 Sport (manual), and last week the Red Airbag light started flashing. I checked the passenger seat connection and the drivers and this hasn't solved the problem. The thing is the code is odd. Its just a repeated pattern of two short flashes. I tried disconnecting the passenger seat and that caused the yellow light to also come on, and the code changed to 46 or 47 (can't recall which), but after that the two flashes then showed. Can anybody advise on this one, as I can't find any listing for this code, and right now I REALLY don't want to have to go and spend my life savings at the dealers.
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