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Found 3 results

  1. When I open the doors the courtesy lights do not turn on until like 10 seconds of waiting. At first I thought the battery died. So I left the door open and just as I was about to put the key in, the courtesy light comes on. Am I correct to suspect it's a wiring issue? I just inherited the car, and before that point, it hasn't been given a lot of TLC by the family while I was away completing school. Edit: Apparently it really was a sign that the battery was getting weak. A few weeks of that later the car wouldn't start and the lights stayed off. We got a fresh battery and everything worked as it should!
  2. Problem Background. So, a while back I got hit on the front left fender and my left turn signal was annihilated. There wasn't much left except part of the signal plug. I bought an after market part, the fit was perfect. Sadly though, something was amiss. When I turn on the lights the left signal turns on bright. When I signal left side the signal blinks dim. So I believe that I received a right side socket with my left side housing. Sadly it is side specific as the connector has a latch. I failed in my due diligence and I didn't mess with things or report it when I should have. I was busy and lazy then. So I don't feel like I have the right to bother the seller to try to get it replaced. I looked up the part on a few locations and it seems to sell for ~$15 USD. Thats about half what I paid for the housing. On to my question. ***EDIT*** I forgot to mention the cost of the shipping is also $15 USD... yay, maybe the Mazda dealership the next town over, none locally, will have it and won't rip me off. ***EDIT OVER*** Question. A) Do you thing its possible to pop the pins on the signal socket connector and re-pin the socket connector to the match the wrong part. B) should I cut and splice the wires to fit the wrong part. or C) should I accept my failure and buy the correct signal socket?
  3. My '81 626 auto is nearly ready for a roadworthy but I have a problem. When I select the reverse gear and my foot is on the brake pedal the "stop light" warning light on the dash comes on and sort of flickers. Doesn't seem to do it in any other gear. All of my headlights, tail lights, indicator and reverse lights work... I'm not real good with electrics but I want to fix it myself as I have done everything else so far, so where should I start looking? Thanks.
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