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Found 9 results

  1. HELP HELP klze p5 build guy in need. Hi all!! My setup will be a lil diff. I have the curved neck kl31 101 1a1, running a pnpms2 with aemsmartcoil w/ quadspark , probe trans lightened flywheel, actdualstage clutch more will come lator but any wiring pics and info any of you have will be greatly appreciated. the pnpms2 ecu changes a few things but I want to run my 93 probe wiring harness on klze p5 the basic way to get it running Then add quadspark and othe stuff lator to stop confusion and I'm not referring to the cluster. I need to know what p5 wires stay and what gets deleted same on the 93 probe wiring harness being that we don't need all the emissions crap. do I tap probe charging wires to p5jbox or run separate? and the fuel pump what was done to run your fuelpump? did you run dedicated or use the p5 wiring but with probe fuelpump wired in the protege5 fb place? I know alot about auto wiring but this makes it diff being that its obd2 car but adding in an obd type standalone to an engine that used half the harness that the usdm kl used. PEASE HELP lol The truth is we are running out of options for this swap being no one does it anymore so hopefully no info will be withheld, I see a lot on here and other forums who don't want to help ppl all they want to do is wait for the first typo or misinfo to go on a all out bash spree just to hear their own self sound smart because they know more than the other, please save me the bs I just want to build my car and talk to ppl to confide in over our joint interests being klze swaps, mazda awesomeness ect. and if you are the guy (theres always one) who knows nothing yet continues to bs the crap out of ppl with "valvecovers make it faster" or similar please don't. I need real info. The reason for this is there are so many forums of this faint info and have yet to see a clear pic or something to help so I started this to be a main reference to the wiring portion of this swap for all who need to find pinouts and other wiring info. Once I have gathered all I will or someone else can make a detailed youtube video/s having all from start to finish on how to do the swap wiring. Id like to see the popularity of this swap to relive.
  2. Hey guys I have a few questions about my Mazda 626 2002. 1) I want to swap out my i4 for a V6 KLZE and was wanting to make sure all the engine mounts would work just fine. 2) Is it possible to get engine harness and everything else needed to make the V6 work, without getting a donor car? Like maybe a Mazda Dealer Ship. (or does all the wiring already match, im gonna assume no) 3) I want to swap it to a manual transmission, but will my i4 trans work with the KLZE V6 for now? Thanks everyone, I plan to make an entire video on my swap and how to do it for Mazda 626 Lovers, but I just need to make sure this is all possible first. Alt+MAlt+N
  3. Since my old thread have totaly derailed and contains both 626, Celica, and now an MX-6, i think its time to make a new, grand and epic combined build thrad that will contain everything i even think about modding. For now, will start with my tree cars: Mazda 626 GT - 2.5L V6 KL31 (KLZE) The first car i bought myself, and the car that started my entire autophile career. When i bought it in 2005, it was a very booring and 100% stock 1,8l 626 LX. LX means it has _no_ extras, not even electric windows. 5 minutes after i handed over the cash to the previous owner, i did the first mod. The first of many. Current Mods: - Enkei 17" rims with 215/45-17 tires - TruBendz/Magnaflow Exhaust - OBX Headers - OEM Euro Lip-kit - Koni shocks and Cobra springs. - JDM KL-31 engine, also known as the KL-ZE - Full King6Fab rear suspension - mFactory LSD Future plans: VIP-look - Mazdaspeed 6 Front and Rear brakes. - BBS-LM 17" Rims (Gold with polished edge) - Full Paintjob in dark/charcoal gray. - Full Body Makeover - Full Custom Leather interior (OEM look) - Sound dampening the entire car. - Install OEM Aircondition - Install ABS - Fully rebuildt 11.5:1 engine, with COP ignition, E85 map and possible ITBs - Full Window tint Mazda RX-7 - 13B-REW After my garage and entire collection of MX-6 and Celica parts was gone, i saw a chance to step up the game and get an RX-7. So i found a super low mile, mint condition 94 mod in Germany, and i got on a plane to get it. I later found out that there is only sold about 250 94-95 models in Europe, so its quite a unique car. So far it will be a stock/OEM looking car, with only minor exterior and interior mods. The engine will get some love later, and the aim is 400rwhp. Current Mods: - BBS "Postert" 17" rims - Remus "Postert" Mid-back exchaust - De-badged and de-winged. Future plans: OEM-love - Spirit-R/RZ big brake setup - Spirit-R Leather interior pieces (Steering wheel, shifter and e-brake) - Black RZ Recaro seats - 2000+ white gauges with boost gauge - 2-DIN headunit - 99-spec front and rear bumpers (except wing) - Feed carbon sidesteps - Carbon rear diffuser - Carbon 99-style front lip - Bi-Xenon retrofit ++++
  4. So, after sucessfully installing a HEI module with the external coil, I decided I would try to get the KF distributor to work on a KL, simply to get it to look more like the OEM setup instead of having the coil tower sticking out of the distributor cap, and I am also planning on getting a KF ignitor installed later for a cleaner OEM look. I can only confirm this to be working for the 93-94 models of the KL powered cars, but I am pretty sure this will work with the 95-97 aswell! Keep in mind you will have to already have the HEI with external coil installed in order to do this mod! So, what you'll need for this tutorial is: KF distributor with external coil (This has a 4 wire plug instead of a 3+6 like the KL, keep in mind some KF's have internal coil so be sure it's the right one before getting one!) Preferable a new distributor cap and rotor, this is not needed if you get a new distributor or the old one is still good, but if it's used I highly recommend to get a new one. A new 4 wire plug (I got mine from http://www.cycleterminal.com, it's called "Female DL 090-4B" and is listed under "Connectors->DL 090 Series->4 pin DL 090 Female Connector", http://www.cycleterminal.com/dl-090-series.html) Standard tools, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm wrenches (or pipe), Phillips PH2 (or similar) screwdriver, and a small flathead screwdriver. So, we'll start with the hard part, the repinning of the 6 wire plug. Now the repinning is fairly easy, in order to go it you'll have to take the old pins out, or cut the wires and add the new terminals from cycleterminal on (this is selv explainatory so I am not going to show you how to mount them) The KL plug looks like this: And the KF like this: What you have to do is move Pin 1 from the 6 wire plug to Pin 1 on the 4 wire plug, Pin 2-Pin 2, Pin 3-Pin 3, Pin 4-Pin 4 super easy huh? KL Pin 1 -> KF Pin 1 KL Pin 2 -> KF Pin 2 KL Pin 3 -> KF Pin 3 KL Pin 4 -> KF Pin 4 KL Pin 5 -> Cut/Remove (goes to OEM ignitor) KL Pin 6 -> Cut/Remove (goes to OEM ignitor) Once that is done, the new plug should look like this: Now all you need to do now, is install the new distributor, plug in the 4 wire plug, and connect the plug wires (keep in mind the KF has a different numbering on the cap than the KL) Once that is done you are ready to test, asuming you have connected the coil wire. I've cleaned the wires up since this picture, this was just for testing. I am using a old NGK wire to my SS Blaster Coil, it works for now, but I'll swap it out for a Magnecore later. This was it guys, hope you enjoyed my first guide, if I missed or should include something let me know!
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forums and was thinking about swapping my 1998 Mazda 626 2.0 i4 FS-DE to a 2.5 v6 KLZE. I've been doing some extensive research on the subject, but I cant seem to find any literature on the compatibility of the KLZE with the G15m-r manual transmission I currently have in my 626. My question is will everything bolt in together or will I have to buy a new transmission in order to install the KLZE? And if the latter is true, what kind of transmission will I need for everything to run smoothly? Thanks, JDogg
  6. I need to know what I need to get to get my klze switched to a rhd. (right hand drive) any help I don't know to much
  7. Hi I'm looking at this car a mazda mx3 and be said he swapped the mortar to a jdm klze I need to know if it the real thing. The pictures are in the link please help http://s1369.photobucket.com/user/Dale_Peace/profile/
  8. After some research on my project, i found the OEM part numbers for the main parts on the air cleaner /intake matching the KL-ZE. I have not seen this info anywhere before, so i thought i could post it up here. The parts come from the european version of the Millenia. Here we call it Xedos, and its made in two versions, the Xedos 6, and Xedos 9. The 6 came with the smaller engine options, one of them beeing the 2.0 V6, named KF. And guess what. Its a miniature KLZE. This is the part print-outs i found on a russian site: The main parts for the intake is: Air hose: KF011-3220A Upper ressonance chamber: KF111-3196B VAF grommet: J5011-3214 Air box assemby: KF111-3320B Lower ressonance chamber: KF111-319XB Intake duct/snorkel: KF111-3200B http://www.neoriginal.ru/cat/mazda/part_euro_18____548__1330A_12081 I have a complete Xedos 6 intake setup on the way, and i will report back on any fitting issues:)
  9. Ok so my roommate has a 1987 Mazda 626, we cant find shit for aftermarket parts for the engine. Or any turbos to upgrade to. So I was wondering if anyone has ever put a Mazda 2.5L V6 KL03 or KLZE engine in a old school 626 GT that comes stock with the 2.0L turbocharged. We still plan on keeping the car turboed but would prefer the kl engine if possible. I dont know shit about these old school 626 cars. I only know the 93-97 probe gt/mazda mx6 cars. Any info on this would be a big help. I know i would have to swap the trans, engine, computer, axles, but not sure what all would have to be put in the car to work. I have a 93 PGT right now that if we decide to do the swap id use my car for the engine since im looking for a 95-97 PGT. but if its not physically able because the engine bay is to cramped or something yeah. is there any site to get aftermarket parts for a 1987 Mazda 626 GT turbocharged. ?????????????????????
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