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Found 3 results

  1. Okay, my name is Ty'Eira Marie Morrison Osteen, I'm from Asheville, NC. Kinda new to the Mazda game, a very interesting departure from my GM N-Body love, but I've always had a thing for the entire Capella/626/Telstar/MX-6/Probe lineup, plus the 323/Familia/Protégé/Escort/Tracer/Laser lineup as well. I'm just glad my first endeavor in the Mazda world involved a GE chassis Hunter Green Mica 626 ES-V6 with 188k on the clock. I'm growing to love this car by the minute (seeing as I just got it Friday), but the one thing I hate about this car is the fact that the Euro bodykit is nonexistent, and will forever be just a sad crushed dream. But otherwise, here's Old Six:
  2. Hey guys, A little back story. My mom had a 2.0 1996 mazda 626 MTX since 1996. She was not the first owner, however the previous had the car for maybe a month or two. In 2015 I took the car for myself and became the new owner while she went and bought a mazda 6. The car is entirely stock other then the exhaust I put on that first year. We touched up the paint and I try to keep it as clean as possible. As of right now it has 260k miles on it, the lifters are tapping, burning and leaking oil, and smoke comes out the tail pipe on some start-ups or when i push it to 5k ya know lol. I have been waiting to buy a new car for the past year, but i love my 626 and wouldn't mind having both to keep my new car with low mileage. Since I like playing with cars and doing repairs on my own, I would like to attempt an engine swap with a buddy who is a bit more mechanically inclined then myself. So I have been doing extensive research so that I can formulate a plan of action before jumping into anything. First off I want to upgrade the I4 to a V6. Looking at the 5th gen 626's (looking at engines already in my year so the swap might be easier) I saw that they came with a 2.0L KF-ZE, 2.5L KL-DE, and a 2.5L KL-ZE. To my understanding the ZEs are Jspec and im not sure if I'd want to get a Japanese due to horror stories. So I think my choice would be the 2.5L KL-DE. (Any thoughts on this decision would be greatly appreciated) Now that I picked an Engine; I have some questions. Would I need to buy a whole new harness? Would I need custom mounts or can i just buy mounts for my same car but the v6 version? Would my current transmission be able to match with the v6. (I don't think so but I'm really just not sure). Any other things that I should consider to make this swap possible? Finally, I feel that since I'd be getting an engine that is already put in my car I would only need the engine, tranny, harness, and mounts. And that I wouldn't really have to get any custom parts? Am I correct here or am I just being too optimistic? I do not feel that it is a crazy swap or anything, I mostly want the experience and fulfillment of completing an engine swap along with being able to keep my baby alive and strong af, maybe even vip her lol. Also if anyone knows of this being done before that possibly have write-ups I'd love some links! I searched alot in the forums but couldn't find anything too concrete and step by step. Mostly just people saying theyre gonna do it and never reply or people just talking about the engines. Thank you guys in advance. Enjoy this pic of my baby aswell!
  3. Hi everyone, this is my first post here on the forum but I've owned V6 GE 626's for about 4 years now and pretty much know them inside out (at least it feels that way haha). I'm the owner of the Chalk board painted 95 V6. It was inevitable... my O2 sensors are finally on the way out and my fuel economy is quickly going down hill, currently sitting on 9.4L/100km (highway driving) vs early this year getting 7.9L/100km (highway driving). Replacing these expensive little suckers is proving a harder task then first thought. The only local auto parts store (repco, NSW Australia) sells the things for $207 a piece, and for some reason they only think the car should have one when it really has two, one on each bank exhaust. I am however not going to pay $414 combine for two O2 sensors because frankly that is a pathetic rip off (welcome to buying car parts in Aus). RockAuto Parts (online website) has these two 4 wire sensors that look good and are a very decent price ($23.79 USD Each); Front - https://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=4554024&cc=1190056 Rear - https://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=4553922&cc=1190056 Has anyone ever bought these ^ ? (I'm reluctant to buy due to reviews of RockAuto) What O2 sensors have you bought, where did you get them and were they a good deal?
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