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Found 3 results

  1. Due to some Major surgery and being incapacitated and unable to do it my self, I allowed my cousin to try to replace my right passenger side Cv Axle.... some how he broke the Intermediate shaft and I need to find another to replace it... I am having no luck finding one..... does anyone know of a good place on line that sells after market parts CHEAP, or is there another name for the intermediate shaft??? please help!
  2. I'm working on my 2002 626 LX with the 2.0L engine and automatic transmission. I have a bad right (passenger side) CV joint. The weather is nice so I put the car up on jack stands in my driveway. I tried to pull just the CV axle half shaft, but it would not break loose from the intermediate shaft while everything was still on the car. I had to unbolt the intermediate shaft mount and pull intermediate and CV axle as one unit from the transmission. I was finally able to separate the CV half shaft from the intermediate shaft once everything was out from under the car. Now I'm trying to reassemble everything and am reusing the intermediate shaft. Unfortunately, I can't get it to go back into the transmission. It stops about and inch or two short of going all the way back in. I've put my finger into the transmission to feel for anything in the way. Everything feels fine for the entire depth the intermediate shaft must go in. My Haynes manual does not mention any issues. I've tried some gentle persuasion with a hammer, but don't want to mess up the splines on the intermediate shaft or in the transmission. What am I missing? I've added a couple of photos. One is the intermediate shaft going into the transmission and one showing the offset of the bolt holes on the intermediate shaft mount to the engine block. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. So I'm in the middle of replacing both cv shafts on my 2002 v6 auto, on the passenger side where the cv shaft joins with the intermediate shaft, there is a seal, i accidentally put a screwdriver through this seal, does anybody know what this is called exactly and/or if anybody sells it? Also while on the topic, on the drivers side, i havent been able to get the shaft out at all, i've tried pyring and hitting the prybar with a hammer and have gotten nowhere. Any better ideas of how to get it out? Dont know if whether an exercise in futility or an exercise in perseverance.
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