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Found 5 results

  1. This problem just appeared tonight. When the key is inserted and turned to ON, the engine is started, but the starter keeps cranking, and a burning rubber smell comes out from below the dashboard. If I press the key a bit it goes back to normal. I also found that the starter cranks when the key is turned to somewhere between ACC and ON. What is the possible reason for this? Can it be the problem of ignition switch?
  2. Jud6ementDay

    Key Stuck In The Acc Position

    Engine starts and runs fine. when I turn the car off the key turns to the ACC position and wont release past that position.No matter what i do i cant get the key out. I believe this is giving my car battery issues because I have had to jump my car several times and replace my car battery. the key has been stuck for weeks now What is the problem and how may i got about solving it?
  3. kageryu

    Ignition Switch Removel?

    So I just recently got a '95 626 5 speed. It runs great when it starts, which is the issue i am having, it cranks and stats but once I release the key from the start position it dies out unless it hangs at the start position. Can any one explain how to remove the ignition switch i can not find any thing to tell me how.
  4. So I'm not getting any spark from the coil plug wire. I measure zero volts at the coil. The car was running great and the next day would not start. The starter is strong and engine turns over great. I have fuel, I can jumper the check connector and the fuel pump kicks on. Messing with it one day I hit the ignition switch with a mallet and got it fired up, so I replaced the ignition switch with a new one and now it still won't start. Some things I have replaced with new parts: -Cap -Rotor -Plug wires -Coil -Ignition control module(inside distributor) -Ignition switch(voltage checks good at switch) -checked all fuses and even replaced the main 80amp fuse with a new one I'm kinda frustrated and need some suggestions that I can try, maybe there is a relay or something that I'm missing. The Haynes manuals electrical diagrams aren't helping me much. Thanks
  5. McAnic_Chad

    New Battery/new Problem

    I noticed that my 4 year old battery was getting weak, & negative terminal had a bad connection (to the point the crimp was loose and the negative ground wire would actually slip out while driving leaving the battery disconnected on the negative side) After a while I would feel the car lose a tad bit of power (but not stall) while driving and the tachometer would read outlandishly. I replaced that negative terminal and that stopped... Then the battery died, I charged it, and the car started and ran fine once again. This morning the battery died again and the car wouldn't even start with a good fast push and a clutch pop. It wouldn't turn over on it's own either.(I had lights and radio, windows ect) I got a jump from a guy and it turned over but so slow that it didn't start. I gave up and bought a brand new battery, at first it wouldn't turn over so I cleaned the positive terminal and it started up like a champ. I let it run for about 5 mins but as soon as I went to pick up speed, the tach went all crazy again and it died... Turned right back over and started again, so I parked it and let it run. I turned on the heater and the tach went crazy again... I turned it off and it went back to normal... I turned on the heater and headlights, another wild tach show... I gave up AGAIN and bought another terminal for the positive side, it started and gave me the same results. I tried to drive it again and it died and will not turn over. (I still have lights & other ACC) what in the world could this BEEEEEEE???? There and no lights lit on the dash.