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Found 35 results

  1. Okay so I picked up a 97 626 from a friend of mine. They had the clutch replaced it drove fine when I test drove it but once I got it home that's when the trouble started. It's as if the clutch won't stay primed. Already replaced the slave cylinder but didn't solve the problem any tips?
  2. Why would my shifter move around while in gear and how do I fix it thanks
  3. Hi my Mazda family, My 626 has started to burn oil but I don’t know if it is the piston rings or something else the video shows idle and then I accerlate. if there is anyone in the UK who can fix this cheap please reply back or if any tips or suggestions, anything will help I just don’t want to scrap this car. thanks for reading 6CF7F48D-A7B6-4C32-83B7-A43602045455.mov
  4. Hey guys, A little back story. My mom had a 2.0 1996 mazda 626 MTX since 1996. She was not the first owner, however the previous had the car for maybe a month or two. In 2015 I took the car for myself and became the new owner while she went and bought a mazda 6. The car is entirely stock other then the exhaust I put on that first year. We touched up the paint and I try to keep it as clean as possible. As of right now it has 260k miles on it, the lifters are tapping, burning and leaking oil, and smoke comes out the tail pipe on some start-ups or when i push it to 5k ya know lol. I have been waiting to buy a new car for the past year, but i love my 626 and wouldn't mind having both to keep my new car with low mileage. Since I like playing with cars and doing repairs on my own, I would like to attempt an engine swap with a buddy who is a bit more mechanically inclined then myself. So I have been doing extensive research so that I can formulate a plan of action before jumping into anything. First off I want to upgrade the I4 to a V6. Looking at the 5th gen 626's (looking at engines already in my year so the swap might be easier) I saw that they came with a 2.0L KF-ZE, 2.5L KL-DE, and a 2.5L KL-ZE. To my understanding the ZEs are Jspec and im not sure if I'd want to get a Japanese due to horror stories. So I think my choice would be the 2.5L KL-DE. (Any thoughts on this decision would be greatly appreciated) Now that I picked an Engine; I have some questions. Would I need to buy a whole new harness? Would I need custom mounts or can i just buy mounts for my same car but the v6 version? Would my current transmission be able to match with the v6. (I don't think so but I'm really just not sure). Any other things that I should consider to make this swap possible? Finally, I feel that since I'd be getting an engine that is already put in my car I would only need the engine, tranny, harness, and mounts. And that I wouldn't really have to get any custom parts? Am I correct here or am I just being too optimistic? I do not feel that it is a crazy swap or anything, I mostly want the experience and fulfillment of completing an engine swap along with being able to keep my baby alive and strong af, maybe even vip her lol. Also if anyone knows of this being done before that possibly have write-ups I'd love some links! I searched alot in the forums but couldn't find anything too concrete and step by step. Mostly just people saying theyre gonna do it and never reply or people just talking about the engines. Thank you guys in advance. Enjoy this pic of my baby aswell!
  5. My Engine Mounts and Transmission Mounts are pretty much dead and this is my second DIY project. My first DIY project went fantastic thanks to a great member here! I already appreciate the help. If somebody could post pictures/ Video and a step by step guide how to replace these mounts that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys so much I appreciate it!!
  6. Hi everyone I've been trying to find information on my mazda 626 GSI 2.0l auto but can not find it anywhere and when I look for them all I find is the gxi anyone got any info on them and are they rare or something? ?
  7. I own a 97 Mazda 626 2.0L and I don't know why it won't stop misfiring in cylinder 4. It only misfires after its been driven for some time. If it sits for a while it's starts up normal, but eventually starts misfiring. I have checked the plugs and wires with a multimeter and changed the distributor cap and rotor. I had a feeling it could be the fuel pressure regulator, but that isn't leaking any gas out of it. What could the problem be? The next thing I'm going to do is check the compression and check the injectors. What should I check for in the injectors? Any info right now would be great cause I have no clue what it could be. Thanks, Robert
  8. I own a 97 Mazda 626 2.0L and I don't know why it won't stop misfiring in cylinder 4. It only misfires after its been driven for some time. If it sits for a while it's starts up normal, but eventually starts misfiring. I have checked the plugs and wires with a multimeter and changed the distributor cap and rotor. I had a feeling it could be the fuel pressure regulator, but that isn't leaking any gas out of it. What could the problem be? The next thing I'm going to do is check the compression and check the injectors. What should I check for in the injectors? Any info right now would be great cause I have no clue what it could be. Thanks, Robert
  9. Hey guys! Im recently getting into "fixing" my 626 so forgive me and be patient. okay. So today 12/26/16 my windshield wipers would not turn off. The windshield wiper fluid pump would run as if I had it the switch but they would not stop. First thing I was always taught was, to check the fuses; everything was good. Turned back on my car and it worked just fine. Ran to the store, to see that it appears my parking lights were on then cut off. Now if you are familiar some 626's come with the factory alarm where lights will flash but this time it didnt. Got home, had my fiance tell me that my alarm was going off then it stopped by itself. I get inside start, messing with my lights turning them off and on and now my parking lights wont come on and when I kick it into high-beam my windshield wiper pump goes as if I hit the switch. Im thinking a short somewhere under the steering column but question is where? I was reading earlier people having somewhat of the same issue. Weather here today was 53 degrees which if youre not from Michigan you wont understand that we can get all seasons in one week. Lately it has been freezing and not steady in the 30s. Help!
  10. hey, i was wondering how to find out which key fobs will work for my car. i got it used and the guy didnt have the remote for it, so i dont have the remote to find out the FCC ID# and also would the 95's remote have had a trunk pop button? because im seeing some 3 button fobs for my year that (along with the lock/unlock) have only the alarm button, only the trunk button, and even one that has all 4. which one is the right one? im mostly just looking on amazon and ebay
  11. So I purchased a new cold air intake pipe,(the airflow meter works great still so I'm not replacing it) and I'm going to put it and some new hoses in. I looked up a tutorial on how to do it so I don't screw up and it mentioned sensors. I don't know what they look like or if/how to replace them. Is it necessary? Cause the how to said if you do it wrong I can screw up the way the car reads things. I'm excited to change it out but also nervous. You can see how bad the old one looks from the bottom pic.
  12. The fabric in my doors is coming out, anyone know how to fix this?
  13. I have a leak coming from a tank on the driver side front of the car. It's not the overflow tank that is leaking, yet it is a small plastic tank with 3 inlet/outlets and a flat red cap. 2 hoses flow from upper left radiator/lower radiator hose bypass. Below cap is inlet for hose going to the overflow. What is this part called as I can't find info or replacement online of locally. Any help is appreciated!
  14. So today, i ran out of gas on the side of the road (My gas gauge doesnt work due to previous ownners), so i called a buddy and had him bring me some gas. I put the full five gallons in and tried to crank it but it wouldn't start. It sounded like the engine was turning over but it wouldn't start. So I called my dad and had him come out to meet me, we tried and tried but couldn't get it to crank. We tried starter fluid, more gas, but nothing worked. All of a sudden the engine was just making a whirring sound instead of a turning over type of sound. We tested the spark plug wires, and all of a sudden they weren't sparking. what the heck. so me and my dad end up towing the car home using our tahoe (don't ask) and get it to our backyard. I took of the coil pack and tested it using an ohms meter, but all of the values were within range. i put the coil pack back on reconnected all the wires and all of a sudden they started sparking again. But the engine is still making the whirring sound. at this point when we try to crank the car, a small poof of white smoke has started to come out of the air intake under the hood, We disconnected the battery and reconnected but it still wont. I'm stumped at this point. The car still makes the whirring sound, it still sends out little poofs of smoke, and it still wont crank. Any ideas as to what it could be? Here are some of the things me and my dad have done to the car recently: Timing belt change Water pump change power steering belt alternator belt complete tune up oil change The car has ran great until today when the gas problem happened. NOTE: i was driving through a neighborhood and hit a speed bump when i heard a popping sound, but the car didnt start acting any different. i checked underneath the car but nothing was hanging or broken from what i can see.
  15. Drove it yesterday, went back out about 3 hours later and it won't start. It's cranking fine just won't turn over. Don't really know much about fixing cars so where should I start?
  16. So i drive a 2002 2.0L 4CYL AUTO. Yes it has the world class ford transmission... The guys i bought it from said it would go 200k (has 130,000) witch i soon found out was a lie after doing some research about this tranmission. My biggest problems with it are slipping anf overheating. I live in wisconsin so during the cold winter it usually doesnt have an overheating problem but in the summer it burns i can smell it and it slips. One thing that pisses me off is that the transmission filter is in the middle of the transmission witch I dont want to pull it all apart to change it. Read that again and try saying it wasnt a stupid idea. i paid $2500 for the car im not going to put the same value of the car into fixing it... Besides that I love my 626 cloth interior (I prefer leather) but nothing is ripped or stained but the dash was pulling apart at the crease by the heat controls no biggy. This car is 100% rust free. One thing i dont hate more is rusty cars... there ugly and loose value fast! If anyone has any ideas for a few transmission fixes or clever ideas let me know! I much appriciate it!
  17. Hello there, i have just bought a 1984 626 LX 2.0L and am having one hell of a time finding a place to get parts for it in Canada. Right now i am looking for OEM parts to bring it back to life. afterwards however i will be looking to pump up this little beast with some extra ponies. if anyone can help, and or give some pointers for upgrades that would be greatly appreciated.
  18. I am in the middle of pulling a 2000 Cylinder Head from a 626, will this fit up to my 1997 626?
  19. Currently looking to buy a used transmission to replace the original in my 2000 626. Automatic transmission, 2.0L engine, 4cyl. Please let me know if you're selling, or know of someone who is! I really need my car back to commute to school :/
  20. Hey. Im new here. This past summer i bought an 02 626 ES. i have been doing all my own repair. And now i need new brake pads. I went to do it today but im having troubles. i found the little allen screw behind the bolt for releasing the piston. i was turning it and it turned fairly easy but the piston never retracted. and when i pulled the allen wrench out, the hex screw came out too, only it wasnt a screw. it doesnt have threads, it has a gear on the end. but the teeth were mashed up a little. i took it to the grinder and ground it back to where it wasnt mashed anymore, then tried retracting the piston again. but the gear mashed up again. is that hex gear screw supposed to come out? and would i be able to spray inside the hole with penetrating oil? or would i need a new caliper? and if so what is a good caliper to get without spending tons of money? Thanks. I really need to get this fixed asap Also my hand brake has never worked properly. my rear right tire will brake but not lock up and the left side does nothing (the side im having troubles with) would this cause the hand brake to not work too?
  21. Hello, i looked everywhere for something simmilar to my problem but i couldnt find a post, so im sorry if this is a repost. Im working on my fathers 2001 626 4cyl auto. im suspecting a blown head gasket but id like some other mechanics to validate my suspicions. The engine has 130k on it. its going through a full coolant overflow tank in a little over a week. there is some external leaks, but for the life of me i cant find exactly where the leak is comming from. where the tranny meets the block it is wet all over, top side and underneath, but nothing that appears fresh or obviously leaking, and after removing the air filter assembly i couldnt really see anything leaking out where the head gasket is. so at first i was suspecting maybe the freeze plug rusted through? however, theres really only a few drops of coolant on the ground and obviously not anywhere close to the ammount being lost. But then i took out the spark plugs and its coated in white, indicating overheating, lean, or burning coolant. its not overheating, and checking the fuel trims with OBDII it doesnt appear to be giving a lean condition. the exaust also has this.. chemical smell. cant describe it, doesnt smell like regular exaust. so my best educated guess is that the head gasket needs to be replaced. at 130k that sounds about right. what do you guys think? Thank you for the time and sorry again if this is a repost, i know how annoying that can be
  22. Hey I have a Mazda 626 2001 2.0L with a 4 cylinder and it's an automatic. I am new to the forums! This will be my first DIY with this car and if somebody could walk me step by step with pictures what I need to do to replace the driving belts I would appreciate it immensely. I appreciate a community where I can go to get help on repairs with my 626 and I look forward to your responses. Thanks a ton in advance!
  23. Hi, on the road with the family, belt blew. only things that seem affected are the a/c and the power steering. had to go 50km to get to hotel so we decided not to stay out in no mans land. What other pulleys does that belt turn on a 1999 4 cylinder 626? Didn't get a temp warning, engine coolant seems normal, no battery warning... (my old Protege had belt issues for a while and the battery light came on as soon as the alternator belt went..) We are still 800 km from home and tomorrow is a holiday here in Canada... we can live without AC and I can steer without the help, if thats all that is gone we'll limp home... anyone know if this is a show stopper? Its dark out there now or I'd try to figure out if there is still another belt... Thanks for any help!
  24. My 1997 Mazda was driving fine until it stuttered and died at a red light. I managed to turn it over and drive it to the gas station. The tank was low so I went to fill it. But it died again just outside of the station. I pushed it it and fueled it and tried to leave but it just died again. I called my girlfriends dad to come boost my car because I thought I was a battery issue and it turns out it wasn't. It started fine but when I shifted into drive and pressed the gas it died. So I called a tow truck and went to have dinner. And not my engine won't even turn over. Please help!! I can't afford to miss work!!
  25. I was driving home one day and my car downshifted out of nowhere and the od light started to flash, and so i pulled over...now that my cars back at the house its not shifting correctly...now it lurches forward (slightly)while you start it in park. In reverse it doesnt move...(heres the kicker) in neutral it drives forward?!?! first second and drive work it just takes a long time to shift (4500=5000rpm) Sorry if this has already been answered or if i posted in the wrong place (this is my first time here)
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