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Found 9 results

  1. Good day. Is there's any way to aim my 626's headlights? The manual I found online doesn't apply to me since it seems to have a different headlight assembly. (For instance: It keeps mentioning a level bubble supposedly built into the assembly, which mine clearly doesn't have. The turn signal also comes attached with the headlight in the said manual, while mine has it as a separate unit altogether.) My research has told me it’s a European 626 model. Haven’t found anything about aiming though. For reference, here's what my 626's headlight assembly looks like: Got the images from https://www.motorhog.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/headlight-mazda-626-92-97-passenger-headlamp---warranty---910286/-/6169/ https://www.motorhog.co.uk/parts-breaking/details/headlight-mazda-626-92-97-passenger-headlamp---warranty---901489/-/6170/
  2. Soooo today, while walking out to my car, I looked down and noticed something very strange that I can't believe I haven't seen before. My passenger's side parking light was completely full of water. I knew there was a tiny crack, but I hadn't ever noticed the hole. Needless to say, its been rainy the last few days, and apparently, the sucker filled with water. The bulbs are rusted and cracked so those will need to be replaced but for now, I just taped over the hole. My question to you guys is: where can I find a new/used one for about $35? The cheapest they have on eBay are about $62-$65, which is too much considering I am not the most priveledged of people. I went to my local junkyards and no one has one, but they quoted me $35 for when they would have one. Problem is, there's only about 4 other 90's Mazda 626's In the area, and I think they're holding up just fine. Help me find a new parking light cover! Here's a close up on the crack. Stupid thing; I don't even know where it came from! I think someone may have backed into my car >,>
  3. Hi guy's, i s just wondering if this type of headlight fits my car http://www.autohausaz.com/mazda-auto-parts/mazda-626-headlight_assembly-replacement.html My existing headlight and clearance/signal light is separate. I find the one above cleaner looking plus my current headlight is falling apart so i guess its time to replace it ^__^
  4. Bought a used 2000 mazda 626 with driver's side headlight bulb bursted. Tried to replace without reading any instructions and screwed up. I lost the screw that holds the headlight bulb retaining spring to the housing. I couldn't find any step by step instructions as well. If there is, I apologize and request mods to delete this thread. Hence, this DIY. Sorry no pictures because I was doing it in the parking lot of the hardware store and didn't have camera on me. Edit: I took the pictures of the already assembled headlight unit so the process is more understandable to anyone who is searching this information. Tools: small phillips head screw driver. Bulbs: Your choice, I went with sylvania. Screw: Short 6mm thread metal screw. The screw is a 6mm metal screw, in case anyone is looking for one. I went to mazda dealer and asked them for the screw since I didn't know the specs and didn't want to remove the one from the other side. They said it comes with the whole headlight assembly. WTF? Am I going to buy the whole headlight assembly to replace a screw? F no. Went to hardware store, bought a couple of metal screw of various threads for a dollar and 6mm fit perfectly. However, I would like to mention it is one of the most ridiculous headlight bulb holder design. Not intuitive at all. Took me almost an hour to figure out how to put that spring back on. Tip for the users who get stuck on the headlight bulb replacement like me: Passenger's side is a bit lengthy process since you have to remove the expansion tank. Driver's side is easy. Disconnect the headlight harness by pressing two tabs and pulling the connector out. This is how the back of the headlight will look like once you disconnect the connector. Remove the rubber boot from the housing. You will see a yellow phillips head screw towards the turn signal side. DO NOT remove the screw completely. Notice how the bulb orientation is, the bulb will seat there properly in only one way. Just unscrew it about 2 threads and compress the spring and release it from the opposite side of the screw. Compress the spring and unlatch it from the opposite side of the screw. Swing open the spring like a door hinged at the screw. remove the bulb. Place the new bulb in. The bulb will seat in only one way, the 3 prongs of the bulb face upwards, meaning there won't be any prongs towards the underside of the car. Close the spring like the door. Compress the spring and latch it on the opposite side of the screw. Put the rubber boot back on. Put the connector back on to the bulb. DONE. Now to clean the yellow oxidation: I used turtle wax headlight lens restorer. around $8. No drills, dremels or rotary needed, just your fingers. Comes with paste to clean and spray liquid and sanding pads if the paste doesn't give desired results. Just the paste worked for me on my mazda. However, I tried the spray liquid on my other car fogs. Worked like a charm. The instructions are clear on the packaging and works like a charm. So for people who are using toothpaste and what not to get the headlight shine back, give turtle wax headlight lens restorer a try. Put the paste on a clean cotton cloth. Scrub like crazy on the yellow lens. One lens at a time. Wipe it off. If it doesn't give you a desired result: Go ninja with spray solution and sanding pads according to the instruction. PlastiX has a headlight lens restorer liquid which I use regularly on my other car. So now its going to be plastiX every car wash and if it gets yellow again turtle wax headlight lens restorer is there. Enjoy.
  5. ok so i picked up a mint fully loaded 94 ls ex 626 v6 auto. car sat for 2 years it needed a dizzy and a jump n she fired right up. drove it home with no brakes due to broken rear lines (fixed) and everything worked perfect (for 400$$$$ steal!!) got home and flicked the brights because my street is pretty dark and all of a sudden my turn signals light up on the dash and it says my high beams are on and the wipers start going but no headlights.. the signals do not work they stay lit bright but when i hit the brakes the brake lights work and when i flip my signal the signal then works right. then after a day the problem went away. then a couple days later out of no where for no reason returned but now the wipers turn on when i signal as well.... still no headlights anyone ever had an issue like this please throw me some advice. i this is my 1st 626 my other ones gettin 5 speed swapped at the moment i own probes and mx6s as well as an 06 mazda 6 i know my way around them but none of them ever had an issue like this.... so please help if needed i can attatch a video of the issue
  6. I need help installing the passenger Headlight Housing. I first removed the screw that holds the turn signal housing and then poped out the turn signal housing with a flat screwdriver. Second I removed the two screws on the headlight housing. and I can slide the housing but cannot get the housing off the inboard bolt. 3rd Problem I tried sweezing the headlight electrical connector but I can't seem to unplug the connector from the bulb (I can do it on the driver side). Is there a tool I can use? I tried removing the bolts on the radiator overflow tank to give me more room. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Adding fog lights is a relatively easy upgrade that can have some great results for both inclement weather and nighttime driving. Before we can discuss what to buy, we first need to understand our options and the different types of fog lights available, generally speaking we have 3 different options. Reflector Foglights (not worth upgrading to) Projector Foglights Projector Driving Lights 1) Reflector Foglights For most road applications upgrading to reflector fog lights are not worth it. You are probably actually better without having fog lights because all they do in reality is scatter light in every direction in front of your car. Giving you a lighting hotzone directly in-front of your bumper which pulls your focus down to well directly infront of the bumper, which results in reduced visibility at far away objects. Now not to say their isn't a place for reflectors, most rally cars use massive reflectors, BUT they are offroading and hardly ever have "oncoming traffic." Some Important Notes you should never place HID bulbs into reflector housings Reflector Foglights are often referred to as Daytime Running Lamps DRLs, becase all they do is make your car more noticeable during daylight conditions. Reflector Diagram: Mazda6 Reflector Foglight Example: Reflector Fog light output example:(coming soon) 2) Projector Fog lights Projector fog lights or foglamps are where the real fun begins. For relatively low cost you can get an AWESOME upgrade to your lighting output. Projectors have 4 main components: Enclosed Shell Reflector Dish Glass Lens Cutoff Shield Projector Fog light Diagram: Projector Fog light Example: Blazer Fog lights The greatest 2 benefits to using projectors are: Evenly distributed light The light is "cutoff" so it won't be shining in other drivers eyes as often. Example of Projector Fog light output: 3) Driving light Projectors Driving lamps/Driving Fogs are also known as pencil beams. They shoot huge amounts of light straight down the road, they should only be paired with high beams and used when no other cars are visibly around. Key Differences between Driving Light Projector Fogs and Regular Projector Fogs: Larger Dish Larger more rounded lens No Cutoff Shield Diagram: (Coming Soon) Housing Comparison --Projector Fog Lights vs Projector Driving Lights : Output Comparison --Projector Fog Lights vs Projector Driving Lights: This is still a work in progress but enjoy! For help on deciding which foglight to buy visit the Official Mazda626.net Projector Foglight Buying Guide
  8. Next technical question! The headlights on my 626 Turbo are, for lack of a better word, dying. The driver side one is full of water and rusting away internally, and the passenger side has a crack in the glass that is not affecting the light, but would get a raised eyebrow from a cop. All I can find online are 1983-1985 replacement assemblies/glass. It's the same rectangular shape as the 87 assembly, however before I order one and be out some cash, I wanted to make sure that an 83-85 assembly is a direct drop-in on the 87's. I would ASSUME so, as all are the GC model range.
  9. On my 97 mazda 626 2.0L I no longer have headlights, taillights or dash lights. Essentially the little knob that you turn at night doesnt work. Although it seems obviouse the multifunction switch is the problem, i am still unsure. Plus the first step to replace is remove airbag, in which I need to lock the ignition which for some reason my key will not do (the key hole by the shifter) as well once I get to the switch is there a way to test? any advice would be great. one more thing... my headlights hadnt worked for awhile befor it all went bust... only when the signal was on would they work and a few times since everything has gone bust they have work... and only the headlights, while a signal was on.
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