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Found 22 results

  1. Fuel Pump Relay Diagnostics If you are looking up information on the Fuel Pump Relay (FPR) then chances are that you have a crank no-start condition and are attempting to diagnose the culprit. The FPR could indeed be the culprit so in an effort to help your diagnosis I'm bringing you the information the best way I know how... in a video. This video will help all 1993-2002 Mazda 626 owners. I go over the 4th and 5th gen FPR. The fuel pump relay is what provides power to the fuel pump. No power to the fuel pump means no fuel to the injectors. Tools Required: 2 lengths of wire Multimeter
  2. HELP! I have been a ghost user on this because of all the advice or steps from others' on here. but finally I have come across something that Im not too sure of. Im now starting to take some pride in learning how to just do things myself when it comes to cars. Anyways, about a month ago I was driving and my heater kicks off, then my break warning light comes on, and I get a burning smell, as Im trying to find a place to park I noticed my headlights were on but my headlight switch was not in the "on" position. My first thing was to just check fuses, didn't see anything. Turned off the car
  3. How does the electrical connector at fuel pump come off
  4. Okay, so i beg you read this. its been pretty crazy. so i originally made this post on Tomshardware, but now i found this AWESOME site!! read my OG post here ; (actually red it before replying please..) " LEASE READ!!! It's been a year and a half, really need help..Hi, here's my problem.Specs of car are2000 Mazda 626, LX V6Now, about a year & a half ago my father went to start the car, he was going to take it to the shop & get a new battery & see why the car kept swelling the battery up & making it so hot. So he takes the battery cables off (so he could get to the mechanic
  5. About a month ago my car died. It behaved as if the fuel pump had died and just cut out on the road. I couldn't start it at all. We changed the fuel pump, filter, coil, distributor cap, and rotor and it still wouldn't start. A mechanic changed the distributor itself and it started, but it would die randomly. I would pull out of the driveway, the rpms would jump and then it would die, but I could start it back up immediately. I would head down the road and the rpms would die but the car would not. They would come back up, then hit 0 again, and then die. It did this for 3 days until it died agai
  6. I have had my car for nearly 18 month, and mostly driven daily. All this time, my car has been running like a champ, always started clean, ran like a top! Last night, on my way home, it suddenly died, just quit. Electrical was good, car was turning over, just not catching. Okay, no worries, my buddy's shop was close by, got a tow over there after a little while, so I wasn't strained for long So, I think it is a fuel issue, something just stopped working. It's either the fuel pump, relay, or something else I'm not aware of. Oh yes, the Check Engine light came on, but I didn't get time to c
  7. I was under my car looking for any sort of broken lines or fuel lines because it won't start. I was about to give up hope when I stumbled upon this and I have no idea what it is it looks as though it is broken but it has a pipe attached to it. its in the back side of the car located in between the gas tank in the indent for the spare tire. could this be causing my tank not to get pressure and then there for my car not starting. if so what is this called is it the pump? Thanks in advance.
  8. My husband was driving my 94 Mazda and it stalled and wouldn't start again. We ordered a relay and replaced it. Nothing. We then changed the fuel pump and the filer. Still nothing. Okay we get a new distributer because it wasn't getting any spark. Ugh still nothing. We changed out the plugs and plug wires they were pretty icky. Still nothing . It cranks and gets gas. Now went back to work on it this morning and the fuel pump is not engaging. I have a 1994 2 liter Manual LX what else should I check. Battery is charged . I even checked that clutch button under the clutch. This Al
  9. I have a 1998, has had a lot of problems but recently the fuel pump died. So we replaced the fuel pump and now the pump only turns on when cranking the car, but still car doesn't start. Checked for corrosion under the fuse box and all relays are working properly. What should I check next?
  10. I'm having so many issues with my 626 4 cyl. idle climbs to 2000 rpm then drops to normal constantly, fuel pump not working so i ended up grounding it at the fuel pump pin, coolant fan not working but relays and circuits are good. Removed the coolant sensor sensor normally would ground the relays at the pcm but now, no longer does. Everything points to pcm. I remembered at one time, I removed the pcm connectors to check for possible contact problems but now I realized I should have removed the battery terminals first. Did I damaged the pcm? Thanks.
  11. Hi guys, I'm after some help. I recently purchased a 1985 626 GC Super Deluxe Manual for my son to learn to drive in. Only 2 owners from new. Full service records. 189,000kms on the clock really clean. The car has been running like a dream until last weekend. I took the car out, parked up for 10mins, started back up, drove for 200 metres and it cut out. I waited for 5 mins and it re-started. Drove for another 200 metres and it cut out again. I waited another 2 mins and it started again. I parked it up and called the RACQ. They came out, but the cars was running at idle ok. They put some fuel i
  12. So, I woke up Thursday and it didn't start. I've been down that road before so I figured It was the coil or the crank sensor. I went and pulled a disty from a '02 melinia and threw it in along with a brand new crank sensor. NO START. I thought it was a spark toning issue but it turns out that there is only one way to instal the disty and rotor button, so it'll only go on the PROPER way. I have no idea why I can't get this thing to run.. Any assistance people?
  13. Hi all, Recently I've gone to auto service and asked to replace back breaking rotors and pads on mine 2000' V6. Guys there also persuaded me to make a whole car check and found leakage of oil at the engine bay. Also they persuaded me to replace valve cover gasket (cheap and fast they said). Now I really regret this. First symptom was rough acceleration same evening that I've retrieved my car. It was Saturday, so I had to wait till Monday to show my car at the same Auto Service center. After half a day of diagnosis they posted that my fuel pump is dead. Well, not actually dead, but
  14. Here are some videos from Airtex Wells that briefly go over some common fuel pressure issues. These are amazing videos that might just get you headed in the right direction to fix your low fuel pressure, hard starting, or rough idle issues. This is the Airtex Wells E2471 Fuel Pump. This is the one recommended for the 1993-1997 I4 and V6 on their website. I really LOVE their videos. High quality production with an ASE cert. mechanic. Not only are they amazing videos but they are specifically for the E2471 which makes me think they shot videos like this for every single pump in their i
  15. During a re-inspection of my 2000 626 v6 my fuel pump stopped working. There was some difficulty between their computer and my car's OB system.....after several attempts my car passed but was no longer getting fuel. Had to be pushed out but with a New PASSED Sticker. Any thoughts of a blown fuse or relay or just time for the pump to go. Car was running fine till being hooked-up to the motor Vehicle Computer....several times
  16. Hi all, Greetings. I have 2002 mazda 626 LX 4 cyl automatic with 85000 miles. I bought this car 6 months ago.Before 3 months I had my head gasket blown and I got new timing belt, water pump , spark plugs, thermistor which was taken care by warranty. Also I recently changed my battery and windshield along with right axle and a tire. I got check engine light few days ago with code P0171 , P0303 and coolant was going into cylinder 3. Mechanic told me it was due to faulty fuel injector. Also he said check engine light is due to bad fuel pump and also want to change my fuel filter. I also have oth
  17. Does anyone know if you can access the fuel pump on a 02 626 LX under the rear seat or through the trunk? I have heard that some cars have access panels in these locations. Thanks!
  18. Hi, I'm new to this forum and to the 626 world, I just bought a 2000 with 100 K miles on it stick shift and I love it but, I parked it and came back to start it and it wont start. I can hear the fuel pump humming while I'm cranking only but I can't hear it when I put the ignition on ON pistion. I tried with a starting fluid and it will start for a a second and stalls, so its not getting gas. any help would be appreciated.
  19. My 94 Mazda 626 LX V6 has been having a problem where it suddenly quits while driving, usually after it warms up (10-15 miles) but more recently can happen anytime. Generally the engine RPMs suddenly drop to 0 on the tachometer and the car may continue to run with no warning lights for a few seconds but eventually the engine dies completely and the car stops. Occasionally can re-start by shifting to neutral while car is in motion then restarting, but usually not; car starts and runs fine after stopping, turning off, then re-starting but getting harder to re-start without letting it sit for a
  20. I have a 2000 626 V6 m-trans with 157K miles. Grey626 ... thanks for the time-saving thread below and the helpful pics! http://mazda626.net/...it/#entry337545 I've learned a lot on this forum from thoughtful contributors such as Snailman and NickR (and others) ... and I really appreciate contributors who take time to post helpul info like you've done here. If I end up having to replace the fuel pump, it your post will be a big help. Now to my problem. My car failed to start at the gas station after refueling. No prior warning ... it was running fine and had 1/4 tank of fuel when I sto
  21. Hi I drive a 1993 mazda 626 2.0 . I was on my way to the office parking lot and parked my car with the gas warning light up. I then figured i still have enough left to reach the next gas station after my shift. After my shift ended which is approximately 8 hours later, the car started, it took me as far as our barrier, and it went dead and wouldnt start anymore I the figured its because i ran out of gasso i bought approximately 4 liters of fuel, funneled it , tried to start the car , sounds like it would start but it does not start...accrding to other forums if you always push your gas to the
  22. I know that Seafoam has many positive properties related to how it can remove water from the gas tank or clean fuel injectors. I was curious if anyone has had a fuel pump go out after using the product? I started using it while investigating idle issues with my 2000 Mazda 626. I used about 4 16 oz cans over a 3 month period and then my fuel pump failed. I have several cans of this stuff and would like to get benefit from it. Perhaps I used to much too soon or it might not be at all related. Any feedback on the affects of gasoline additives like Seafoam on the fuel pump are appreciated. Thank y
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