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Found 13 results

  1. So i threw on the ebay headers and downpipe and for whatever reason, the downpipe doesnt rest in the center to be able to connect to my magnaflow 23700 catalytic converter. friggin lame.... so was wondering if there was any ideas what the heck is going on, otherwise i'm just gonna try a test pipe in the space alotted. I'm willin to sell the catalytic converter for $100 brand new, no gaskets.... i just gotta get this car on the road.
  2. So, i've come to a crossroads on choosing a catback for my 97 mazda 626 lx. There's the obvious Trubends version, but i found one for $100 cheaper that is for a 93-97 probe made by obx. Does anyone have experience with this companies products, and also is there a major difference in dimensions from the 626 to the probe of the time period? here is the link for both. http://www.mandrelexhaustsystems.com/products/93-97-mazda-626-exhaust-with-magnaflow-2-25-inch.html http://www.ebay.com/itm/OBX-Exhaust-System-Cat-Back-93-97-Ford-Probe-2-0L-NEW-/151827914492
  3. I have a 1997 Mazda 626 4CL 2.0L manual with over 200,000 miles. I was driving the other day and when I tried to accelerate in first gear from a stop it loss power and started sputtering. I pushed on the accelerator and the engine was making a clinking / rattling noise. Once I got the RPMs past 3000, it cleared up and drove normal. This happened at every stop, it felt like it was trying to die but it didn't. I attempted to drive the few blocks home in 2nd gear which was working just fine but then it started doing the same thing. It sounded like it was mis firing and when I got home it sm
  4. The original muffler for my 1988 626 DX (N/A 2.2L I4) is pretty much thrashed by the terrible roads in my area. I'm moving to a nicer area so I finally have a reason to get a new one that wont instantly be destroyed. Any recommendations for after-market mufflers that sound decent? Something a bit cooler than stock. (no fart cannon) It's hard to find something good for a good price. I'm learning to weld so weld on vs. bolt on does not matter. Thanks for any input! -Luke
  5. I'll start by explaining. When I bought my car four years ago, I bought it for cheap and it didn't have a proper working muffler. The whole exhaust system was just awful. It was loud and all of the cops around here were just waiting to pull me over for it. So, knowing nothing about it, I took it to a shop where they said they could order parts and put in an exhaust system that worked and actually muffled the sound. The stupid part was, they asked me whether I wanted to pay more for better parts (they needed to be ordered) or go with the cheap option. Well, needless to say I went with the
  6. The stock exhaust on my 1988 Mazda 626 N/A has been completely wrecked. I'm planning to replace it with a simple stainless steel straight pipe from the catalytic converter back. What pipe diameter would you recommend?
  7. Hi, I recently purchased a 1980 Mazda 626 and I've been chasing an exhaust and extractors. I don't know if I'm just not searching in the right places but I cant find anything and I'm close to just buying the pipe and bends and making it all myself hah. Can anyone help? Cheers
  8. Ok this is a how to guide to polish your header covers or turbo covers or anything metal so they will look nice and shiney. Firstly make sure your covers will handle the work (too badly rusted and your wasting your time) Step 1. First off you will need to go purchase some sanding and metal polishing equipment, (i went to bunnings) Step 2. Ok these are the items i got,cost around $70. 75mm wire cup brush,(if its rusted like mine is) 60mm flap wheels 80grit and120grit, 25mm flap wheels 80grit and 120grit,(These are good as you can attach them to your drill). Wet and dry abrasive papers rangin
  9. Hello Mazda 626'ers, I just joined the forum recently, I have always looked on here for research for my vehicle. I have a couple questions in a nutshell about repairs and future ideas for my vehicle. I drive a 2002 626 and #1? I hear a weird sound coming from the driver side hissing at a slow speed and while driving near a wall or fence I hear it more. #2? When it rains or its very moist outside my brakes are grinding and sounding awful. #3? When I brake I feel vibration from the pedal people said my rotors are good looking idk how to fix that? #4? When I am driving 10 to 20mph the car ma
  10. My little 2001 I4 sounds like a freaking V8 truck when I start it up. I brought it to a mechanic I trust and he said it was a pipe in the undercarraige (the resonator?) that is rusted through. He suggested I go to a muffler shop and get them to cut it out and weld a straight pipe in its place. He said it didn't do anything important. So does the rusted through resonator actually make the engine louder? Is it safe to replace it with a simple straight pipe? Will a muffler shop actually be willing to make that swap?
  11. Hello there, I am new to the forum, and car ownership so bare with me. I'm looking to buy a muffler for my 96 V6, and I was wondering what would sound the best? I'm looking for something that'll have a nice low tone but give off a nice roar when I give it the beans but none of that ricey racket and I'm not looking to spend anymore than about 170 bucks. I just want to buy a muffler, not replace the whole system. Any specific brands? borla, magnaflow, flowmaster? and opinions on an air intake thanks callum
  12. The check engine light comes on and goes off all the time on my car. I finally took it to get it diagnosed at a Mazda service center. I figured they would definitely be able to tell me what was wrong. The guy told me I need a new catalytic converter. He was going to charge me over $1000! $800 just for the part! So I've been checking for one online. I've researched how to replace it, and it seems pretty easy. It also makes sense that it would be the cat, because my car doesn't get as good mileage as it should, and I've also noticed a little hesitation when accelerating. However, I cannot figure
  13. so i removed the old icky thrush muffler, then bought a nice dc sports muffler :D then took it to went over to the machine shop today to get it all fitted up and welded into one piece and heres the pics enjoi everybody! there is a video at the bottom of the page of how it sounds! -Daniel http://youtu.be/MqHC4w3yfQU
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