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Found 1 result

  1. Brianjrichards

    Meet Midori

    Ladies and Gents, this is Midori, my 1998 626 ES V6 with 58,887 miles on the clock. She was my grandma's faithful daily driver since she bought it off the lot new in 1999 and she has since passed it onto me for my enjoyment as well as family hauling purposes; as my 1997 B2300 with two bucket seats I yanked from an Explorer wasn't going to transport two car seats and a wife very well at all. Right now, as money is fairly tight, my main goals are to fix the niggling little aesthetic problems that she has, specifically the taped drivers side mirror, the missing deck lid badge (who steals a Mazda badge?!? I mean really...), as well as hopefully the drivers side rear door that has a lovely crinkle in it. Also hoping to give the car, and engine specifically, a good cleaning as the weather gets nicer. I don't think it's been clean since my dear ol' granny bought it new. Please excuse these first pictures, as it's still before dawn, and I forget it's hard to see without that bright ball of fire in the sky. This is a basic and standard dash, figured I'd show everyone how standard it is! Also, you can see part of my boot and cup of coffee. It has eggnog in it! I realize now you can't actually see the mileage... or even that my dash lights are on... yay phone camera! A dirty, dirty engine. And I mean that in a very clean way. Crinkled door. Who steals a Mazda badge? A full set is worth maybe 15 on e-bay... Gorilla tape, it's a wonderful thing! A few problems with the front end. Bent in fuel door, kinda annoying. In summary here is my proposed work: Repairs: Drivers Mirror ($90 for set of 2) Fuel Door ($15) Front Bumper ($130) Drivers side passenger door (Need to talk to auto body shop or get new door) Rear Bumper ($180) Badging ($15) Interior work (Unknown at this point) Mods: OEM Fog Lights ($30 - $60) OEM Spoiler ($60 - $300) OEM Head Lights ($50 - $60) OEM 2000-2002 Tail Lights ($50 - $75 Per light) Whimsical Mods: I've had a whim to eventually mod the car to look like and be badged as a Ford Telstar, just for giggles. Probably will never happen given money and such, but still an idea.