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Found 14 results

  1. What's the difference between the EGR control solenoid and the PRC solenoid? Are they interchangeable? I can't find an answer to this and it's driving me crazy, I've got codes for both and I replaced one and it's still giving me a code. Same question for the VRIS solenoids, they all look the same, I am stumped.
  2. Hello Everyone, I own a 1997 Mazda 626 4Cylinder, and although I have tried my best to keep up with it, lacking proper funds to make repairs over the few years as i should have, I've recently run into a debilitating issue. While driving a couple weeks ago, I lost charge voltage, as well as loss of acceleration and power steering. I managed to get home, and after attempting to salvage the alternator I had, I ended up replacing it. The alternator was in bad shape, damaged brush, one of the coil wires came undone, and I'm thinking there was regulator damage, but i can't be sure. In any
  3. Quick question: of the three lines that seems to connect into the IM, which line(s) is on a T connector that helps control the dash vents? if someone feels especially kind can it be wrote in detail by line?
  4. I'm new to this forum and but not to forum etiquette. Long story short I bought a 626 that didn't run had to switch computers to non immobilizer and switch fuel pump pins, then bad fuel pump replaced, but now can't get it inspected because of CEL. First code to tackle is the P0400; I've read tons of posts and have my course set but I can't get the nut on the exhaust pipe to the EGR free. The nut is not overly rusted and i've soaked it in PB blaster overnight and still couldn't get it to budge. I moved the surrounding coolant lines for more clearance and the best tool I have to get in there
  5. Recently I purchased a used exhaust manifold online. Unknowingly to me, they shipped the manifold without the threaded studs that go into the exhaust flange, NOR did they include the EGR pipe threaded fitting that screws into the side of the manifold. The studs for the exhaust flange weren't too bad, as those studs/nuts can be aquired at the local hardware store. However, the threaded fitting that the EGR pipe/nut fastens to is much more complicated. I can't pull off the fitting from my current exhaust manifold, as it doesn't have any flats to grab a hold of. I tried finding 2 nuts that
  6. A newbie here! I have a 2000 Mazda 626, V6, Auto. I'm having the P0400 error code (insufficient EGR flow). 1) Is the EGR valve cleanable like in older 626 versions? I know a mechanic who said after looking at my car that it's a hassle to get to the EGR (lots of hours) and that it'd be better to just replace it (he said it cannot be cleaned like in older 626). However, it's really expensive to buy a new one ($350 for item only, without labor!) and I'm just a student . 2) In another post, I saw a suggestion that this error code may be due to the ports inside the intake manifold behind the
  7. Greetings, I am a new Forum Member now living in Milwaukee and purchased a 2001 626 2.5 v6 for the wife and dealing with the EGR insufficient flow .I did clean the ports just behind the throttle body and was looking to clean the EGR Valve. I think I have located it however I would like some advise on the best way to remove the beast. I have the throttle body off. Thanks Guys, Stevie The Scotsman
  8. Hi, This is my first post to the forum as I am the proud new owner of a green 1995 Mazda 626 2.0 with a 5 speed. I bought the car with the CEL on after doing the jump into diag mode to find codes 15, 16, 17, and 29. I replaced the O2 Sensor (Radiator side, looked awfully sooty) for codes 15 and 17 and removed the EGR valve for cleaning. After following the procedures for cleaning only on this forum I put the EGR valve back in. I have not checked for vacuum in the EGR system but all hoses appear to be connected. I am trying to figure out code 29. To my understanding this is not a stored
  9. Can anyone tell me where to find the EGR valve on my 95 626 V6 manual trans? or have a diagram they can send me?
  10. My 626 has had the P0400 code for as long as i can remember and I have tried everthing. I've tried cleaning the egr ports mutiple times, cleaning my egr mutiple times, and seafoamed my 626. Finally I cracked and bought a new Egr. Yet, I am still getting a P0400 code, shaking car at start, VERY low/Shaking Idle and my car shuts off if left in park for too long. Can someone help me, I have no idea where to go from here...Also I forgot to mention when I go into reverse the rmps drop REALLY lo and nearly shut off and sometimes does. Thanks
  11. I started having rough idle problems. Such as when I would push the clutch in at a stop light.Its a 1999 Mazda 626 with the 2.0 and manual tranny. I have taken apart the plunger part of the IACV and cleaned it, took apart the EGR and cleaned it, Cleaned the MAF. The problem has gotten better but not great. I replaced the Plugs, Fuel Filter and PCV. Then Car would not idle at all and needed the throttle to even run. So I put back in the old plugs, Fuel filter, and PCV.Car ran ok again. So this time just new plugs.-Car wouldnt run. then JUST PCV- Car wouldnt Run, THen Just the Fuel Filter, Car w
  12. Hi guys, I get a P0400 code on Mazda 626 V6, 2001. I've did read blog-posts and solution related to it from Flora, NickR, blackshine007, 97Mazda, etc. I've cleaned the EGR ports at the beginning of IM and reset CEL´╗┐ but P0400 came back. I didn't remove the IM just removed the TB and cleaned 2 EGR ports in the IM where TB connects to IM. When car idles I hear some whistling sound (but its not hi-pitch) and car does NOT idle rough nor does it stalls. Infact it runs very smooth. Do you think there could still be vacuum leak to cause P0400? I tried to spray some throttle-body cleaner around a fe
  13. I have a Mazda 626 V6 with a EGR Valve problem. The code for it shows up in an inspection. The research I've done tells me that I can clean the EGR and/or the Throttle Body. There have been some great discussions with great photo's. Some seem to intermix the term EGR valve with TB. I've seen the photos of the Trottle Body, which I can find on my car, but I really haven't seen good photos or info of the EGR Valve, which I understand can also be cleaned. Can anyone clarify this for me or provide a photo of the EGR Valve itself. Thank you.
  14. I bought a spare coil, Pick up/Ignition module, & rotor cover. I bought a brand new cap & rotor button along with brand new plugs & wires all after the car left me stranded & wouldn't start. After installing the new parts the car started but ran rough. Then it shut down again. I switched module/pick up and it ran smooth then started to drop RPMs and run rough while idling I adjusted the throttle and it idled at like 1200 RPM but it was smooth. I took a 15min trip and stayed where I was for about 3hrs but when I went to start it it just cranked and wouldn't start. After about an
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