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Found 6 results

  1. When I open the doors the courtesy lights do not turn on until like 10 seconds of waiting. At first I thought the battery died. So I left the door open and just as I was about to put the key in, the courtesy light comes on. Am I correct to suspect it's a wiring issue? I just inherited the car, and before that point, it hasn't been given a lot of TLC by the family while I was away completing school. Edit: Apparently it really was a sign that the battery was getting weak. A few weeks of that later the car wouldn't start and the lights stayed off. We got a fresh battery and everything worked as it should!
  2. So I've got the speakers from another project and I'm going to go and try to fit them, haven't seen anything on Google about 6x9 in the front doors of a 626 so I'll snap a couple pictures along the way and get a definitive answer on if Infinity Reference 6x9 component speakers fit and what kind of spacer or adapter is needed and if the door panel hits or has to be trimmed. This ought to be fun!
  3. The fabric in my doors is coming out, anyone know how to fix this?
  4. Hi guys, need some insight once again. I've been cleaning my air blower recently. God was that thing dirty. The fan changed the colour of the water I cleaned it in to pitch black. The entire assembly was also covered in superfine copperish dust, probably from the motor brushes. Nasty stuff. Whoever doesn't have their cabin filter in place is breathing this. I highly advise against. Cleaned it up with an air compressor and breathed in some of it, instant sore throat and metallic after taste, blah. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. While removing the blower I found a small black box near the passenger door, under the dash. It turns out it's the keyless module! Holy crap, my car has a keyless module! :) (Bad part: someone has the remote to my car, as I bought it without them). The module looks like this: http://people.opera.com/apodgajny/626/keyless_unit.jpg Does anyone know how I would go about getting a remote that would work with this unit? No FCC ID# on this one unfortunately.. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi guys, needed a temporary inexpensive car and happened upon a 2000 i4 626 (its older but not abused, I bought it from someone who is trustworthy, family friend of 20 years). It has a few problems, and I am not familiar with Mazdas, and even more, electrical is not my forte. I have tried searching online and in the forums, but am having trouble finding anyone else with the same problem: When I turn the vehicle off the interior lights, including the dome and door panel lights, all start to flash. It stays that way after the key is removed and until I close the door. Also, the remote keyless entry fob has stopped working. The electric windows work as follows: driver window functions from driver's door window control- no other windows will open *from* the driver's window control. Other windows open, but only from *their* specific window control switches, except the driver rear window which doesn't open at all, I will assume that is a simple power window motor and I am not going to worry about that right now. I have looked around and read something about a "door control switch" which works by telling the car if the door is open- I think. Yes, the key fob battery is fine, all fuses are fine, and yes there are bulbs and the dome light is grounded. Can anyone tell me if this 'door switch" is the right path to be on, and if so, where to order it from, I assume I will have to either go to the dealer or find the part number and order an aftermarket replacement. If not, does anyone have ideas on what else to check? A specific fuse? A ground wire? The CPU? I have tried resetting the battery but no dice. Many thanks and pardon my ignorance, Heather
  6. I searched over the forum but didn't get any results on how to dismantle the dash board/center console to access the wiring for the radio. So I am posting a new thread here. Purchased a 2000 626 lx without checking the car. And I am facing electrical issues with it. Bought the car very recently, without really checking anything. Some mechanical issues will be taken care of shortly, however some electrical issues are driving me crazy. Remote: -Unlocks all the doors with double key press as it should. -Unlocks the driver's door with single key press as it should. -Locks all the doors except the driver's door with the lock button. The locks just cycles around. I have to press lock on the remote and manually lock the level from the interior handle to lock the driver's door. -Key works with lock and unlock. -Rear passenger door is shut locked, will tackle it later as I suspect the actuator is jammed. Radio: -Came with an aftermarket pioneer head unit. -The previous owner hacked the factory harness and crimped the pioneer harness to the wires. -The radio is not getting any power. -As soon as I connect the antennae wire to the radio, the ROOM fuse blows out. -When the radio is connected to the harness without the antennae wire connected, the tail lights and the turn signal lights are constantly ON, although the car is off and locked. Hence I unplugged the radio harness to keep the battery from draining. -Bench tested the radio with 12V, the radio turns ON and functions properly. -Checked the harness. there is 12V on the accessory and constant ON. Actually both wires are crimped to the constant 12V. Having some issues with AC and idle, that I found the DIYs on. So, I will take care of them in the weekend. If someone can point me in the right direction where and what to look for and also some guide to take the center console apart that would be great. Thanks
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