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Found 7 results

  1. Ok, So I have a 2002 Mazda 626 v6. I had it towed because I didn't have the time or the space to work on it. I recently got more room and had it towed back after sitting for 5 months. I knew that there where going to be a few problems. After jumping the battery, I went to start the car and it just cranked. It refused to start. I assumed that the pump had gone bad so I pulled the lines. The lines where pressurized. I went out and got some engine starter and sprayed it into the intake. I went to crank it and after a few more tries it kicked up and then sputtered out right as the starter dis
  2. I am replacing my head gasket and for some reason I cannot turn the crank pulley. All the belts are off and the head is off the engine block. I did forget to put it in neutral, so I just hooked the battery up and shifted it to neutral, but I cannot get the crank pulley to budge. Am I just fighting friction in the cylinder walls and need a bad ass breaker bar or what?
  3. The car was struggling to start for a couple of weeks, but always came through and started for me. So, I put some fuel injector cleaner into the gas tank and after a couple of days, the engine would crank but not turn over. I let it rest for a day and tried it again with no luck. I tried it again today and it almost turned over. I popped the hood and found some water on my distributor cap, after opening the distributor cap the was a little pool of oil inside. Right now there are so many routes to go with this, so does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. The starter will crank the engine but it takes a longer time to turn over than normally. Here are a list of some of the other problems that the car has just in case it might help out with solving the long start: (1) One not perfect tooth on the harmonic balancer. (2) Stalls after starting a hot engine. (3) Replaced the timing belt. (4) Maybe an alternator or electrical charging issue. (Checking that out tomorrow) Thank you for any suggestions.
  5. I'm replacing the tensioner and belt on my 95 v6 and I can't find any marks on the crank that line up with the block anywhere. There are 2 dots on the crank but i don't see an actual mark. Any help?????
  6. Hi, I'm new to this forum and to the 626 world, I just bought a 2000 with 100 K miles on it stick shift and I love it but, I parked it and came back to start it and it wont start. I can hear the fuel pump humming while I'm cranking only but I can't hear it when I put the ignition on ON pistion. I tried with a starting fluid and it will start for a a second and stalls, so its not getting gas. any help would be appreciated.
  7. Hey everyone, If you check my profile, I got a 98 626 2.5 v6DOHC. With this hot summer in St. Louis, this issue happened quite alot. Usually starts the way it is supposed to, but if it sits in the hot sun for awhile, the ignition would not turn over the starter. Had computer checks at o rielly's and auto zone and all codes come back clean. I think I have narrowed it down to being an electrical issue under the dash because I would fiddle the wires as if I was fiddling with a fresh batch of noodles, literally, no joke guys! I would continue to turn the key but still nothing would
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