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Found 9 results

  1. So, I made a camper conversion for my 626. I hope to take it out west this winter! I hope you guys enjoy it! Ps, this is my first post!
  2. okaymate

    Manual conversion 1981 626

    i was wondering how much it would cost and is it easy to do thanks also 5 speed
  3. Ok well the silver GC is now a silver turbo GC finally! After a lot of work almost 2yrs lol, but i did it all myself with next to no cash so thats understandable, I will be taking time to get this thread going its not a how to its just a overall guide to aid someone who is wanting to do it to a factory ideal, will post pics and such as i go starting from , well the start..... I just have to decide where and how many pics i will need to show, id rather them all be on here in like a album or something but i dont think i can do that here, will see what happens..
  4. I just bought this 1984 626 2.0L LX a couple weeks ago. Having done everything to get it back on the road. I have been pondering the idea of putting a turbo on this little 4 cylinder. I was wondering if i can get the components off of a 1986 2.0L turbo? P.S. I feel slightly dumb asking this but how do you check the tranny fluid on these cars! this is the first little car I have ever owned and it is also the first front wheel drive car that i have owned. It seems to have a slow leak of red coloured fluid which I am assuming is tranny fluid.
  5. Hi all, I am new to this forum and I own a GC coupe with a FE carb engine. I have owned this car for around 10 years now and it has been sitting in my garage for about half of that time. I had completely rebuilt the engine, had the head port and polished, installed half race cam and a ratchet sports carb before I left it sitting in my garage. I am now trying to bring this car back to its former glory but with an EFI engine instead. The FE3 and F2T options are extremely rare and just about impossible to source anymore where I live, so I decided that a FSDE engine and gearbox may be the best bet, hell a ZE if I can afford it. I am not sure what is involved in this swap as yet. I am assuming this may involve full fabrication of mounts, brackets, axles etc. While performing the engine conversion may not be a huge task for me one of my major concerns is the instrument cluster. The coupe's digital cluster runs off the analog speedo on the FE carb gearbox. I am assuming that the FS being a newer engine will be using a digital speedo sensor. Is there some sort of convertor to get this to work? I am hoping I can get lucky and have the FE speedo drop into the FS gear box which is highly unlikely. Can someone please shed some light on this?
  6. i have a mazda b1 engine, 1.0L 94-95,. it still uses a carburetor and im thinking maybe i can convert it to fuel injection. any idea how i can do this and what i can use for the transplant? is it even possible? i imagine putting a MAF then a PCM for a 1.0L engine,.. wacha think guys?
  7. FE DOHC 2.0l guy

    Turbo Charged Fe Dohc

    So I have recently acquired a '99 kia sportage, did some research and found out that the 2.0l doc fe engine or fe3 was offered in japan for the 626/Capella. Now my question, what parts from the FET engine could I use, mainly the turbo exhaust manifold. I'm not shy to doing custom but if I can get bolt on parts. Why not. Cheaper, is most of the time better. Unless it's cheap steel.
  8. My long-going project of building a monster 2.2l DOHC was originally meant as an upgrade for my turbo wagon, but as the build progressed and got more and more ambitious, it became clear it wasn't a good choice for a daily driver anymore. Instead, a bit serendipidiously, I received the family's old 626 GT Hatch. I bought it from my dad in mid-nineties (it was a new and expensive car back then!), then my sister bought it from me in the turn of the millennia (not so new or expensive car anymore). The corrosion procetion company we had been used for years turned out to be a fraud; the car was practically destroyed, and no small amount of work could restore it to drivable condition, never mind to handle the new engine. Here's a few shots that should give a good idea of the car's condition: You might understand the sis' enthusiasm when I told her I would be taking the car off her hands... The car's bad shape might've been a blessing in disguise, as I received news about an AWD model of roughly in the same shape. AWD and FWD models are quite similar in layout, but to make FWD accept AWD parts still require substantial modifications; mostly in the rear parts, where the rust damage is most extensive. The project's been going on for a little while, so the updates will not be chronological until I catch up with the progress, but I hope you find them interesting :)
  9. KeenanBlessing

    Fwd To Rwd Swap

    I have a 89' Mazda 626 that my dads going to be giving me pretty soon here, Its a totally functional car. Since he is a mechanic he has put a lot of work into it just to keep it running. I on the other hand want to put more work into making it a sexy drift slut. My problem is, I want it to be read wheel drive while it is currently front wheel drive. My dad has never made a FWD to RWD conversion or if it was easier I would even make it a AWD. Anyone make a FWD to RWD conversion or know how?