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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Have a 626 GF diesel 2.0 101 HP, and the glow light turn on , always blinking at the same speed when motor is on. Some times takes 1 ir 2 minuts to star blinking. After seeing it on Google, I did the following test on the diagnostic box that is in the motor compartiment ( IMG_20181125_142625.jpg ) but i did not use the led, the wire was direct from FEN to +B . and the result was this: https://youtu.be/Qep6P8cBHbI Can you help?? I am from Portugal. Thanks and sorry my English... This is the vĂ­deo
  2. Hi all, I have a 2001 mazda 626 lx. Engine light came on Tuesday evening & when I plugged my scanner in it did not bring up a code. Had my boyfriend take it to autozone yesterday while I was at work & their scanner brought up code: P0421. They informed him that it was nothing serious & simply cleared it. I searched Google & found that it could be catalytic converter or o2 sensors? Cars drivability had not changed before or after engine light. I got into the car this AM to leave to work & it took a minute to start up which had not happened before. Drove to the coffee stand just fine. But as I was in line & my card & drink were handed back to me it shut down & would not turn back on. Again no symptoms prior. I was told that there would be a smell if it was the converter, no smell. No problem starting up prior to this morning. Looking for some help as I'm not a car girl haha. Don't know as much as all of you on here, I'm sure. Any help is greatly appreciated as I'm in a bind at the moment & have work again Monday morning & an out of state trip next Thursday. Thank you so much!!!!!
  3. Here's the rundown on things. I've had problems with rough shifting since I bought my car about a year ago. The previous owner had the transmission either replaced or rebuilt. I finally took it to Goodyear to find out what was causing the shifting problem. The guy told me "whoever worked on the transmission had no business working on cars period." Long story short, most of the bolts in the transmission as well as the transmission mount and four motor mounts had to be replaced, costing me around $930. The guy also told me someone had messed with the idle and he adjusted it back to where it was supposed to be, however that wasn't listed on the receipt. Anyway, the car has always idled low and rough before the repairs. You can imagine with the mounts and transmission in the shape they were in. Since the repairs, it idles low and vibrates in drive and reverse. It gets even worse if the A/C is on. The problem isn't apparent in park and neutral. I cleaned the throttle body out with some cleaner and a toothbrush, but that didn't seem to help. To make matters worse, the engine light came on today; code P0507: Idle Control System RPM Too High. It seems to me that it's idling too low in drive and reverse. The car starts to vibrate pretty bad. Anyway, the readings for RPM in park and neutral are around 1,100 and in drive and reverse are around 750. I've never had this code until the guy said he adjusted the idle to the correct spot. I tried checking for a vacuum leak using throttle body cleaner, but didn't find anything. I'm no expert, though, so I could've easily missed it. Any suggestions? Also, I noticed when I removed the hose that goes from the throttle body to the air box or whatever that thing is there seemed to be moisture on the edge of the part where the hose connects--not the throttle body, but the other side, I guess the air box. Update: Engine light went off today. The idle seems to be fine until I turn the A/C on. Then it vibrates bad.
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