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Found 6 results

  1. So I bought this mazda 626 back in 2012, and ive been having a hard time looking around for parts, interior and exterior, ive thought of custom but that too is a bit hard here in the UAE. if there is anyone thats got any parts for sale like. Headlight covers, taillights, chrome parts, instrument cluster, LHD dashboard, center console, etc. Will pay + shipping. Paypal.
  2. Hi, Apologies if this is the incorrect forum, I wasn't sure if it should be here or under other 626s. I have a Japanese import 1998 Capella which has had some idling issues, initially resulting in it occasionally cutting out while coasting up to an intersection once the car had just got up to temperature. A week ago this problem became more serious as the engine would stop any time the RPM dropped towards idle speed. Thanks to some great posts on this forum I had a crack at cleaning the IAC, which initially didn't seem to make any difference. I then noticed the pipe from the air intake to the air filter had a large split in it; I taped this up and that didn't seem to make any difference either. However the following day, and since, the car has run as normal. I don't know whether it was something that took a while to re-calibrate or what, but I'm happy enough (have since replaced the split pipe). Most of the references to the IAC also refer to the MAF, so I thought I might as well clean that as well. However, mine appears to be a little different from all the tutorials and videos I can find, which involve removing two screws to get the sensor out. My MAF looks to have some kind of lid with some small plastic clip-type things holding it on. I tried removing this, broke the first one and still had no movement from the "lid", so stopped and came here. I've attached a photo, let me know if it is not clear enough. Searching the internet for "fp39 maf" finds a lot of places to buy similar units, but no real useful information (to me). I'm wondering if anyone knows if this particular unit is cleanable in any way? And whether I may have caused myself any extra problems by breaking off the clip? Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help. carl
  3. adtricky

    Started Making A Kit For The Gv

    We have started making our bodykit for our 626 but may alter the splitter yet .
  4. FE DOHC 2.0l guy

    Turbo Charged Fe Dohc

    So I have recently acquired a '99 kia sportage, did some research and found out that the 2.0l doc fe engine or fe3 was offered in japan for the 626/Capella. Now my question, what parts from the FET engine could I use, mainly the turbo exhaust manifold. I'm not shy to doing custom but if I can get bolt on parts. Why not. Cheaper, is most of the time better. Unless it's cheap steel.
  5. Ahh this is another funny video, nice cars too.. With Aussie names like Bob and Trevor..lmfao!! :lol:
  6. Hi there and greetings from New Zealand! After trying to dig up some information on google about my particular vehicle and nothing really showing up I thought I'd give some enthusiasts forums a try. I was once part of a Familia 323 forum so I know one can learn a lot of information about their ride from these places. So here it goes... we have an 1989 White Mazda Capella Celebre Fulltime 4wd equipped with an FE3 DOHC mated upto a 5 speed manual gearbox. (yes I know a bit about these mighty FE3's). Now the problem lies in finding information on what the actual transfer case and gearbox are. I am wanting to know whether or not they are internally/externally similar to the Familia GT-X/GT-R gearbox and transfer cases. If so then this would be excellent. I do however know now through google searching that this vehicle is equipped with a viscous LSD differential. Thanks in Advance Troy. PS Part Numbers would be awesome!