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Found 5 results

  1. xtheonewhoknocks

    Aftermarket cams?

    Wondering if there are any aftermarket / aggressive / performance camshafts available for the KLG4, thanks guys. cant find any my self, obviously. ive looked. :/
  2. lgavin

    Camshaft Pulley

    I am trying to replace the head gasket on a 2001 v6 626 and I am having a hell of a time getting the cam pulleys off. I tried holding the hex on the cams with a wrench and using a breaker bar to get it off. Are these reverse threaded or is there a special technique to this? Thanks!
  3. I have a 1994 626 2.0L that's needs a cylinder head. I was wondering if there is a better version to choose from. Maybe one that flows better or has better combustion chambers. Also is there better cam options.
  4. Can someone link me to a site that would sell aftermarket headers for my Mazda. Ive looked around for a while and cant find much. I have a 1998 Mazda 626 I4 2.0 manual. I just want to add a little kick to the car. Ive done a resonator delete, glasspack, new plugs and wires. New clutch. Short ram intake. Any other suggestions to do to my Mazda?
  5. McAnic_Chad

    Oh Where Oh Where Is Tdc?

    I'm replacing the tensioner and belt on my 95 v6 and I can't find any marks on the crank that line up with the block anywhere. There are 2 dots on the crank but i don't see an actual mark. Any help?????